18 April 2010

lions park

brooke and i were looking for something to do tonight {after going to my 2nd bbq of the week!}, so i decided  to google "cool things to do in provo".  miraculously, a list of 100 things to do in provo came up.  seeing as how it was nearing 10 o'clock- you know, well after the closing time of pretty much everything in provo- we thought we should hit up one of the parks on the list that we hadn't been to yet.  after picking up a vanilla coke for some energy and getting a little lost, we eventually made it to lions park.

highlights: saarinen-esque pavillion. random boulder. playground. bridges. oh, and a killer view of the city
lowlights: the swings were too low.

also, did you know that if your car is there after hours and you've walked far away from it, the park ranger ladies will shine bright lights throughout the park looking for the owners of said "abandoned" car?  because they do.

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