13 April 2010

lunch avec hb

i've known hannabeth since our freshman year. we lived in the dorms together, and as i always say, someone who knew me then and is still friends with me is a true friend.  to make it even better, we share a birthday and a love for the french language!

today we went to lunch at zupa's and caught up. i am always impressed with all the amazing things hannabeth is doing with her life. ps- i love her hair and how she plays with it when she's talking :)

here's some throwbacks from freshman year:

i can hardly believe we're both graduating.  i swear, the dorms feel like they were just yesterday...

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charlotte said...

I know Hannabeth too! In fact, we were all in the same French 201 class. And those pictures made me laugh out loud, because, "How could you not know that the whole world hates you??" Oh good times. I'm glad you both were part of those good times of my life. And yes, how is that four years have already passed and we're all graduating?? I don't know.

PS--I love Zupas and ate there last night, catching up with one of my good friends. It's like we're in a parallel life.