21 April 2010

pretty sure this might be my mom's favorite birthday. ever.

today has been such an amazing day!

first, i picked up my mom {today's her birthday, too!} and sister from the airport.
then we met up at my gma's place, chatted, and enjoyed homemade tacos.
after that was a quick stop to pick up my c&g {cap and gown, for those of you who aren't katie}.

NEXT was the best part of the day!
remember that 30 strangers project that i got chosen to participate in?  today was the big day, and ohmygosh what a blast! i had the most important women in my life with me- my gramma, mom, and sister- laughing, talking, and dancing {oh yes, there was dancing}.  justin hackworth was so great to work with- he really made us feel comfortable and created a fun environment. i'm so so excited to see the pictures! 

follow it all up with my car battery dying {thanks to my brother parker for coming to the rescue there} and dinner. i'd call the day a success.

ps- i love the rain.

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