15 April 2010

waiting for autumn

so i finally saw (500) days of summer tonight.

i know, i know. where have i been? but who are we kidding- we all know it takes me aaages to see movies. anyway, everyone told me that i'd love it. that it's my kind of movie. that i just had to see it.

everyone was right.

seriously, people. i am tom {joseph gordon-levitt}. obviously, it's not an exact match, but there are a ton of similarities.  i could tell from the outset that i was going to relate.  i'm glad i didn't watch this 2 months ago, when things were really sucky. now things aren't bad and i can watch it without feeling any sort of pain.

everyone said how mad/sad/angry they were with what happened in the movie.  honestly, i felt hopeful. in the end, he gets his autumn. and i'm sure it's even better than summer.

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Kaleena J. said...

I took forever to finally see this too! Definately didn't regret it once I did.