20 May 2010

The Best Part About Turning 22? Whenever I Flash My Peace Signs, I'm Also Flashing My Age!

I can hardly believe I'm 22! I sometimes feel old when I think about it, but most of the time I'm too busy thinking about how awesome this year is going to be!

First, I want to thank my friends for all the text messages and the million and a half {roughly} happy birthday posts I got on my facebook wall! Woo!

Birthday highlights:

Put in a few hours at one of my favorite places: the Springville Museum of Art!

Lindsay's birthday gifts! She sure does know me ;)

Dinner at Carrabba's with my brother, Parker.  Ohmydelicious. Yeah, let's just talk about how good that place is! Seriously.  Tonight's meal was also a parting for the summer- Parker leaves tomorrow morning for his internship in Boston.  Of course I'm going to miss him, but he is going to kick some serious butt.

I went on the most marvelous walk tonight.  Nothing like taking a walk in the evening. It's magical.  Although, I do miss the bats flying overhead, like at home.

Watched an old favorite, Roman Holiday.  Such a great film.  Even better when accompanied with chocolate-covered strawberries.

I love birthdays!


parkermoffat said...

Happy birthday! Can I have the awards for "Least Capable of Looking Normal in a Picture" and "Least Photogenic?" :D

Rachel said...

this post title made me piddle my pants.

charlotte said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful birthday! Birthdays are supposed to be wonderful.

Liese said...

how clever about the peace signs! love it! happy belated birthday!

Nicole Marie said...

happy happy birthday!

Karli Woolley said...

Rachel- imagine being there when she said it! It was EPIC.

Love you girl. Hope you had the best day everrr. Can't wait for Saturday :)