23 May 2010

fin: breakfast, parties, and art balls

not fin as in "that fish sure has a nice fin"
rather, fin as in french for end/finish/etc

today was the final day of birthday celebrations:

first off {after running around town checking out books from the library to read for cambridge}, my friends jamal and mike stopped by to take me to a surprise breakfast in honor of my birth! mmm strawberry crepes!

this afternoon was my birthday party! i was a little nervous when it was raining early this morning {i must have heard it while i was sleeping because i sure had dreams about it ruining my party}. luckily, the rain held off until a few minutes after the party ended.  it was pretty much my idea of a perfect party: being outside with friends, eating cupcakes, and playing lawn games.  thanks to everyone who could make it!

the day ended with the annual art ball at the museum! even though i'd been dying to go, i didn't buy tickets, what with being a poor college student.  luckyyy for me, they needed some interns to help work, so i got to go anyway! i basically just ushered people, did coat check, and handed out pictures.  and i came back with flowers and sore feet.  my friends courtney and eileen were there, so i got to spend time with them! i'm so glad i got to go!

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smile like you mean it said...

you look gorgeous for the ball :)