08 May 2010

food, art, and fire

Yesterday was one of the most eventful Fridays I've had in a long time {thank yewww, summer}.

I went to lunch with my friend Mike to Pho Noodle House, a Vietnamese restaurant.  I'm glad that I've finally had the chance to eat Vietnamese food since I had a roommate from Vietnam my freshman year.  Although, her food didn't look/smell/taste anywhere near as good as this.

Right after that, the lovely Katie and I went to the MOA to check out the 100 Years of Collecting exhibit.  We saw a sign for the new Suburbia show, so we visited that one too.  In fact, we even become something of living art as we sat on the couch {accompanied with a table and lamp} and watched lovebirds explore the exhibit.  On our way out, we saw some new sculpture and did the only obvious thing- had an impromptu photoshoot.  

Our ward's opening social/cookout was last night, too.  I love going up the canyons and eating and having 'mallows.  Delicious and fun.

Don't you be worried- the night didn't end there.  I came back from that bonfire and left to go to another one with my brother and his roommates {hosted by his former roommate}.   I hesitated to go because I thought it would be a bunch of weird kids that I didn't know, but Courtney did a really good job of providing food, entertainment, and cool people.  We were on a little inland thing, and were enclosed on three sides by the lake.  It was pretty beautiful.  

I got back late,  slept in late, and now I'm going to the Real-Union game today!! 
I love my life.

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