02 May 2010


My brother Parker is now an Ironman.  No big. He just swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles, and cooled off with a marathon (which is 26.2 miles in case you forgot). 140.6 miles total on one of the hardest Ironman courses in 14 hours.  Easy stuff.

I drove down Friday with some of Parker's teammates from the Triathlon Club.  I had no idea it was possible to talk about Tri's for that long.  But guess what- it is.

Saturday started out early- I got up at 4:30 (Parker was already gone by then), and Kaiti and Sydney picked up my parents and me at 5:00.  We drove to the shuttle area where buses drove us to the lake for the swim.  You better believe we sat at the back of the bus!

It was dark and chilly at the lake, but beautiful! We got to watch the sunrise and stand on the red sand "beach" to watch the competition begin!

After Parker started the bike portion, we took the buses back to our car and then drove to downtown St. George.  What better way to support our brother/son/friend than by eating a delicious lunch at the Bear Paw Cafe?  Goodness knows he wasn't getting much chance to eat, so we had to do it for him. Yummo Beligian waffle and a hostess who speaks great Engrish.

 Don't worry- we were supportive and walked a few miles to find a place to watch the last leg of the bike/first lap of the run.  There were some great sights on the way- including motivational posters on portapotties that could be easily misconstrued in such a location...

Parker got a flat tire on the bike ride, and as a result we had to wait a little longer than we expected to see him.  These are our "Where the freak is Parker?" faces.

After a grueling few hours of standing and sitting and cheering, we were whooped and needed some refreshment.  Imagine our surprise when we saw a water ice stand that looks exactly like Rita's.  Exactly.  We had some.  It was not very good.  I don't recommend Lulu's.

After Parker made it to the half-way point of the marathon, we sat and people watched for the next 2+ hours.  Did you know that Cruella de Vil wears Converse heels?

Parker came finished just after 14 hours!!  We are all SO INCREDIBLY PROUD of him!!!

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parkermoffat said...

You guys were seriously the best fans I could have ever asked for. Thank you so much for coming!