13 May 2010

shopping in the rain

katie and i took a trip to slt today {slt=salt lake town. because let's be honest, it's not really a city}.

we stopped at sur la table and bought cookie cutters to match our personalities:

sunglasses : my raybans

umbrella : i love the rainnn

tea pot : going to england!

ate dinner at z'tejas.  we both just ordered appetizers, and our bill came to much less than expected.  we were hoping it was because the waiter thought we were cute, but really appetizers were half off while we were there. but let's be honest, the waiter probably did think we were cute anyway.

such a day wouldn't be complete without the world's most delicious cookies ever from kodiak cakes. seriously, people- the most delicious cookies ever. apparently they're the same cookies as this delicious franchise in england that katie fell in love with {ed's or something like that}.

and, per robbie's request, pictures from the day:

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