13 July 2010

alien fireworks and mobiles

blah blah blah blogger won't upload pictures here's the post i wrote on saturday sans photos.

first off, the good stuff:
we byu kids had a little party friday night (which, for whatever reason, i kept calling "my party" when telling people time/place). it was super relaxed, but also a lot of fun.

we played games like scum and mafia. i was one of the detectives in mafia...i really shouldn't have been surprised when i opened my eyes and saw that the other two detectives were my good friend geoff and alex!  as per normal, i got killed the first round. and then so did alex. the mafia still lost though, even with just one detective!
[imagine photos here]
some sort of fair thing was going on, too, so we went to that and watched the fireworks! there was also a really weird guy chanting "the aliens are coming" while dressed up in a silver alien costume.
[imagine photos here]
everyone ended up different places, but for me, the night ended with watching some of pride and prejudice by the cam and a spontaneous punt down the river around 1am. it was a wild night- there were glo-sticks all over the college.
[imagine photos here]

and now for some sad news:
friday, i caved and bought a cell phone. i was planning on going all summer without one, and the past 3 weeks have been marvelous without it.  nothing beeping and ringing all the time (or not ringing or beeping when it should be). but then i was forced into it. at least i can take comfort in that i was one of the last people to get one. 
[imagine photos here]

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