26 July 2010

amo italia!

the internet in the whole town isn't really working right now, so again no pictures.

italy, in a word, was beautiful. my second adjective would be delicious.  third one would be hot. oh so bloody hot {guess that's one good thing about no boys coming along...we were pretty sweaty and gross the whole time. i mean, no. girls don't sweat.}.

our first day in italy started of right: with pizza followed by art!  the galleria borghese was great- there was this beautiful bernini sculpture that was totally captivating.  i love going to museums with friends and watching how they experience it.  hwanhi and katja were so cute- at one point i noticed that i had lost them, and when i made my way a few galleries back, they were just lying on one of the couches staring at the ceiling. so presh :)
i also got to see michelangelo's moses statue!! i was so excited, and like katja told me, "you're having a nerd moment, camille."
in case you were wondering, the colosseum metro stop literally spits you out at the colosseum.  it's bam right there when you walk out of the station.  this place was so cool!!!  i honestly didn't think it was going to be as awesome as it was.  there's a reason it's one of the world wonders.  just so incredible. go see it. it's a must.

our second day was certainly an adventure.  i got to see the sistine chapel!!!!  i was crazy excited for that!  you definitely need more than the hour we had for it, especially since you have to go through a freaking maze to get there.  a beautiful maze, but considering the time crunch, it was a bit frustrating.  totally worth it though once i got there {although i wish you didn't enter through the back of the chapel...}
our next stop was to st. peter's basilica, where katja and i were going to meet up with hwanhi up front...i say going to because we never actually found each other.  neither of them realized how huge it was there, and to me the front clearly meant this one place that it evidently didn't mean to hwanhi.  after an hour, katja and i ate gelato and then went back to our campsite to wait for her.  we ended up waiting 5 hours while she went to see the trevi fountain, spanish steps, and pantheon.  i'm bummed i didn't get to see any of those {and not get to fulfill my dream of eating gelato by the trevi fountain}, but i have to keep reminding myself: this won't be my last trip to italy.

we spent thursday afternoon in siena! love that place! my flatmate on the programme spent a semester there a few years ago, and made us a very useful list of things to do.  we ate at a delicious italian place {duh} owned by a french woman, saw the church {where an awesome accordianist was playing classical music}, shopped, ate these almond cookies, and just explored!

florence was incredible.  so much better than rome in my opinion.  i loved all the street performers: mimes, those frozen statue people, classical guitarists.  we did some shopping, of course.  the duomo was so incredible!  the interior of the building was refreshingly simple.  if i'd had a bigger budget, i totalllly would have paid to go up in brunelleschi's dome, because i think it is so fascinating! 
in honor of our friend geoff's birthady {and because we love gelato}, we ate gelato at what the guide book called the best gelato place in florence, and possibly all of italy.  i totally agree with that- it was so good!
i spent a few hours in the ufizzi gallery while hwanhi and katja explored florence.  it was great! i knew it would be when i walked in the first room and bam! there was a giotto {much much bigger than i was expecting}. the boticelli's were so incredibly beautiful.  i just loved it!
i didn't get to see the real david {again, i was on a budget...i hear it's life changing,though. again, not my last trip to italy}, but i did see both duplicates!
ponte vecchio was fun- we sat and listened to music and people watched for about an hour.
the best part was the walk back to the campsite. we walked up this random road of homes, and stopped and sat and admired the view of the countryside. it was breathtaking. it was the italy i've always imagined.  honestly, one of the most beautiful vistas ever. i never wanted to leave.

cinque terre:
i wish i'd had more time and energy, and a less heavy backpack, in cinque terre, because i think it would have been so cool to walk it {hwanhi and katja may be surprised to hear this as i was a bit cranky.  but again, i was tired and hungry}.  after lunch, we hung out on the beach!!! i swam in the mediterranean people!!!! and everyone is right- it is beautiful and warm and just perfect!! and i was able to get some sun, which has been greatly needed after living in england. we finished up our trip with gelato on the beach! perfection :)

after a series of delays, both the airplane and the bus, we made it back safe and sound at 3:30 in the morning saturday night.  

can't wait to go back!

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