16 July 2010

camcam in the cam

the following is a true story.

i was supposed to go punting with friends, but all the punts were rented. aaron was waiting by the wall in the courtyard right next to the river to meet up with us, so i went and told him that we couldn't go.  as we were standing there chatting, my keys fell out of my hands. into the river. into the nasty river cam. understandably, i was distraught.  i kind of really need those keys like a lot. 

i didn't know what to do.  my first instinct was to tell the porters, but what would they do other than laugh at me? aaron kept telling me that the river is only 3 feet deep on this side, and after watching some punters go by and trying to evaluate how far into the water the poles were going, i decided that he was right.

i had no option but to go into the nasty river to recover my lost keys.  so i climbed down the ladder, hopped in and water-walked in the right direction.  luckily, aaron was above photographing the whole incident and was able to point me in the right direction.  once i got to my keys, i picked them up with my feet, slipped a little and got the ends of my hair wet, and then caught hold of the keys with my hands.  i then walked back to the ladder, and aaron helped to pull me up {hey, i don't have much upper body strength, ok?}

the story doesn't end there. while i was standing on the grass in my wet white tanktop {you are most welcome for the view, cambridge punters}, i realized that i had gone on said journey in the river whilst my phone was still in my pocket. so yeah that majorly sucks. hopefully it dries out by tomorrow so i can use it again. because no way am i buying a new one.

too bad blogger isn't uploading pictures, otherwise you could see visuals from the event.


parkermoffat said...

Oh no! Your misfortune makes me both laugh at (with) you and feel sorry for you! Hope it all works out!

Lisa said...

One time I dropped my phone in the toilet and learned that if you submerge it in a bag of rice, it will suck all the water out - but it must remain submerged in the rice for no less than 12 - 24 hours. Good luck! Can't wait for pictures... I hope you had a great swim :)