18 July 2010

ciao italia!

guess who's going to ITALY this week!! i can't tell you how excited i am!! i've wanted to go since i was probably about 5 years old (2nd place on my list of places to travel to after france), and now i get to actually go!!

here's my schedule:
monday- fly out to roma
tuesday- roma
wednesday- leave roma and spend the afternoon in siena. arrive in florence
thursday- florence
friday- florence
saturday- cinque terre (helllooo beaches). fly back to england

i don't even speak italian, so this should be fun. well, that's semi-false. i do know how to say "take my picture?" which is all you really need to know anyhow.

ps- not skipping class...we have the week off!

and let's hope blogger loves me again once i get back and and lets me upload pictures.

1 comment:

Karli Woolley said...

i hate you. until you post pictures. so you better do whatever you can to get 'em up.

ugh. i hate you.