05 July 2010

the one where i flashed a bunch of scots.

by accident.
that story will be included in the sunday section.

but first off, another 4-day long post!

most of the day was driving up to edinburgh, although we did take some "comfort stops" on the way.  one such stop was at richmond castle, a pretty alright set of ruins.  the weirdest part was being able to walk on the grass!  i was so excited when someone pointed out that we didn't need to all be hanging out on the sidewalk.

we stopped at the england-scotland border, and were greeted properly by a bagpiper!

we spent the night doing a little bit of exploring in the area around our "hotel."

saturday morning/day was a little bit sad...i overslept the bus for this super awesome hike that i was waaay pumped for. i was stuck wandering around the city by myself, which was fine and all, just a little lonely.

saturday night was AMAZING! in honor of the fourth of july, we had a celidh {pronounced kay-lee} aka awesome scottish dancing!!!!!!! oh man it was amazingly fun, even though i'm not very coordinated.  the best part may have been that several of the guys bought full kilts!!!! soooo coooool!!

it was also katja's brithday, so the boys did a scottish kilt dance for her!

sunday was the most epic day ever! so epic.

katja and i both missed the bus to church, so we shared a taxi.  we were so excited to go to church since we've both been travelling for the past few weeks, and besides, scottish mormons...what's not to love? 

there was a munch 'n mingle/missionary farewell afterwards with tons of delicious food. sarah, michele, hwanhi, alex, and i all stayed the longest and shared in the day's adventures with each other.

the five of us wanted to go to the rosslyn chapel {now made famous by the da vinci code}, and asked for bus directions from members.  while waiting for our first bus, it was nice and sunny. it started to rain once we were on board, and it kept getting progressively harder. we waited in a store front with lots of other people as a torrential downpower rained down. no joke. during said rain, our next bus came, so we had to run down the street to catch it. i've never experienced such heavy, thick rain. alex and michele made it to the sheltered bus stop before i did, so i started running to catch up. yeah, baaad idea in the shoes i was wearing. i slipped and fell right in front of a storefront brimming with people. i was still in church clothes, so my skirt went FLYING up to my neck, and everyone at the store just stared at me. their eyes were open wide as they took in the site of my underwear, and one man eventually asked if i was alright.  i wasn't too embarrassed until i hurriedly picked up my camera and joined alex and michele, only to have them tell me they saw the ENTIRE thing. keep in mind, i fell with my legs sprawled open to them, so they really saw the whole thing. i didn't mind that michele saw, but that my guyfriend saw was m o r t i f y i n g!

well we got on the bus, and made it the nearest stop to the chapel.  the rain stopped while we were riding, but started up again on our mile and a half walk to rosslyn chapel. we snuck in right after closing time {no way was i flashing a bunch of scottish people and scraping up my right arm to not get in} and ran into our friends who got there earlier.  they gave us the best looks of confusion, and all i could say was, "so!much!rain!" i don't  have any pictures of the church since my camera was drying out.

luckily that was the last of the awesome weather. on the bus ride back, we stopped for delicious italian food and italian hot chocolate.

we explored the city some more afterwards. alex was kind enough to lend me his sweater, which luckily matched my skirt perfectly.

the best thing we found was the elephant house, aka where j.k. rowling started writing harry potter!!!!!!! yeah, that was wicked exciting!

i'll keep this brief since this already the longest post ever.
jason and i jammed to glee in the morning on the bus back to cambridge.

fountains abbey is incredible. i don't have much else to say other than go. it's beautiful. i never wanted to leave. greg was right when he told us he didn't have any words for it.
also, try the elder flower ice cream.

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Rachel said...

Camille I just discovered your blog! I LOVE it! This story about you in the rain is classic...oh my. Too bad you don't have pictures of that. Haha.
It is so exciting to see all these pictures of places you're visiting and studying. My eyes got very wide when I came across the photo labeled "this is where I live" - WOW! It's so beautiful and quaint! It's also fun because I have been to some of the same places. I've definitely been to the place where you crossed the border and saw the bagpipe player - I hope I put pictures of that on facebook because there were two huge GORGEOUS rainbows. Anyway it was fun to see that you were there too - that sure is a pretty spot.
So are you in Edinburgh now?? That was one of my favorite places in the UK. Enjoy it for me!!