09 July 2010

ysa bbq & punting

last night we had a ysa bbq with the local members here. there's a kid here who goes to west point, and was able to get american food (root bear, doritos, etc) off of the military base to go along with our [properly seasoned] hamburgers...it was so good!
"all good things must come to an end"- bro. kerry gave geoff a razor and shaving cream.
hug attacks from boys in matching shirts.
running into my former french teacher from 3.5 years ago! (mlle conti, charlotte and hb!)

i also went punting for the first time! we let the boys do the actually punting...i'll try in the morning sometime aka when there aren't a zillion punts out running into each other.  it was weird to float by my room and see it as the tourists do.

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Hannabeth said...

No. Way. Mlle Conti is in England? She was fantastic and so adorable. Remember when she told that obnoxious kid who would never shut up to "fermez la bouche!"? Tell her 'hello' from me.