25 August 2010

final formal hall

i love formal halls. but this last one was especially great. a big shout out to my friend hannah from ucla for doing my makeup for me. an even bigger shout out to hoan {i'm guessing} for throwing a pregame party so that everyone was already really drunk at drinks before dinner. haha it was really entertaining.  the photography competition pictures were up on display, and one of mine got in! also, one of me got in! ok, it's just my feet, but it totally counts.

dinner was delicious of course. they handed out lots of awards. and lots of people were really drunk. some were even escorted out of the great hall.  some of us, though, weren't drunk. see below.

the night was a masquerade theme! this is my chance to brag {and when do i ever pass those up?}--the masquerade theme was totally my idea.  once upon a time a bunch of us were outside watching a fireworks show at king's, and i was talking with the pa alexander {who is the quintessential cambridge student, btw} about how much i love masquerades and that we should have one.  he was totally on board with the idea, and bam! final formal hall was a masquerade. go me. michele made an awesome mask, so i wore it and took pictures.

the dance afterwards was awesome too.  any event that plays justin bieber is a good event in my opinion.


Anna Peterson said...

BAM! You're just too cool for all of us, Camille. Thanks for condescending to our level of coolness so we can glean some from your presence!!! You look super gorgeous in these pics by the way. So glad you had an amazing summer!

Kar said...

I love how you wanted the masquerade but didn't make a mask :)

and I agree, Justin Bieber is welcome to allll my parties.

Camille said...

haha karli i did make a mask but since i had literally 10 minutes, it was horrible...see on facebook :)