07 August 2010

for katie: london

i tried to make this the name of a new photo album on facebook, but facebook has decided to hate me, too, and not let me upload pictures.

i have found something of a loophole so i can get pictures on blogger, but it will be very limited. so no more picture explosions :( i also noticed in going back and rereading this post that i kind of sound like katie in parts...

ooookay, so this time last week was london! let me describe london in a few words, just like i did with italy: amazing, fun, adventurous, happy.

we could choose to either get off the bus at the british museum or at the houses of parliament. it wasn't even really a choice for me...of course i picked the art! awesome things i got to see include: the rosetta stone and the elgin marbles!! i was extra excited because when i was in france with my dad, i distinctly remember thinking, "i wonder where the rosetta stone is. i'd like to see that." and then i did!

next up after the musee was a trip to borough market! we {we being alishia, jeff, michele, and i}had fun exploring and eating delicious food samples. it's like costco, where you can get full off of just the samples, but the food is a million times better at the market.

then we saw stomp, which was of course awesome.  afterwards, i was thinking to myself that i could totally do that. i then tried and failed miserably, so yes, it is a lot harder than it looks.  also, know that if you sit in the front row, you will get wet.

after a trip for the boys {jason and jonathan were at the show, too} to buy some newsies hats, our original group went to ben's cookies and got a large box o' 15 cookies to eat! too bad those pictures aren't up yet, because there are some classy ones of me eating crumbly cookies.  so so good.  we then just walked around and shopped a bit, and then sat on the stairs in front of st. paul's eating more cookies.  that moment reminded me of when i was sitting on the opera steps with my dad in paris.

then we saw henry VIII in the globe theatre {so cool!}. it was really good, i just had a hard time focusing since we were standing room only and i kept daydreaming to take my mind off of the fact that my feet hurt.  next time, definitely getting some real seats.  but it was really fantastic! i mean, the shakespeare plays here in cambridge are good, but this blew them out of the water.

basically, i can't wait to go back.  i'm going in 2 weeks with my supervisor, and i'm going to have a day devoted to art!!! {hopefully i can convince others from pkp to come along so we can get reduced rate train tickets...}

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