26 August 2010


holland was great! my friend alex's family lives just outside of amsterdam, and they were kind enough to take a few of us in for a couple of days.  it was a perfectly relaxing weekend, which is just what the doctor ordered.

after a long night of traveling {we left part way through the dance after formal} on bus, plane, and train, we made it to alex's home.  we then proceeded to bike to the beach!! i haven't ridden a bike in a good 10 years....combine that with the 5 hours of sleep i'd gotten in 3 days and the fact that i'm clumsy, and you can imagine that it took me a bit to get into the swing of things.  but don't worry, i got it, and we all made it to the beach! it was so nice to just play frisbee in the water, nap in the sun, and watch the boys play soccer on the sand.

saturday we went into amsterdam! and yes, it does smell strongly of weed, but not everywhere. just at the cafes. we spent the day just walking around the city.  we saw this boat regatta or show or something going on, and that was so cool.  of course we took pictures with the i amsterdam sign.  we ate ice cream, explored side roads, sat by the river, and even found a buddhist temple!  quite the enjoyable day.

sunday was your typical church-fare.  on monday, alex and i explored the woods near the nicer part of town, and it was so beautiful! for anyone who knows pa, it kind of felt like ridley creek state park a bit.  we walked around the center of town, which is of course darling.  our explorations took us to the grocery store, and i can't get over that you pull your basket behind you!!  a trip to the candy shoppe meant that we had to buy the grossest-looking candies we could find, of course.  later that night, we invented a new delicious cookie: dutch rubbish! it's a secret recipe so i can't tell you what's in it, but if you're real nice to me, i will make you some sometime!

it's a good place to be from. way to go ancestors!

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