14 August 2010

how to celebrate the end of finals

i still have some coursework to do, but today has been mostly a day of celebration in honor of surviving finals! until now that is, seeing as how i'm writing this in a library.

the following is a "how to" of the proper way to prepare for finals and then to spend the morning/afternoon after.

wake up 3 hours late {shouldn't that 9 be upside down? i know i set my alarm for the 6 o'clock hour...}

have geoff read his short story to you. force him to read it aloud purely because he doesn't want to. and because you know he'll giggle the whole way through.

go shopping and take a few tourist pictures beforehand.

do a happy dance when you realize you're done with snape's class.  a snape who is actually evil.

go with the boys as they get european haircuts

thug it up in the rain.

1 comment:

Liese said...

I wish my finals days could be spent like this