12 August 2010

king's food for free

i was sitting the library today, and got a little peckish.   hungry for a little bit of chocolate and fruit, i headed over to the cafe to grab some of both.  working behind the counter was my favorite cafeteria worker, so i requested a pear and an orange milk chocolate divine bar.  he brought the fruit bowl over so i could select the piece i wanted and grabbed the chocolate.  i swiped my card and payed. once the transaction was complete, cafe-man looked at me, smiled, and said, "take another pear, darling." so i did. 

also, when i get sides at dinner {vegetables, etc}, the various cafeteria men will give me a ton, look at me with flirty eyes, and then say, "would you like some more?" in a suggestive tone.  um yes, i would like some more. but of the broccoli, not of you.


A n D said...

Ha! Funny. Gotta love that. One of my co-workers was famous for her ability to get us tons of free food at noodles. There was this creeper there and he would love to give her food! Oh life. And oh creepy boys.

A n D said...

ps, thanks for your post! You seriously are de best of de best.

Liese said...

hahaha love it! Batting your lashes will get you far in life.. ha keep it up!