25 August 2010

london and all the little stuff i did in cambridge before the last formal

so i'm back in the good ol' u s of a.  i figure since it's a little after 5 am {6 by the time i post this} and i'm awake, i may as well catch up on the boatload of posts i have to do. ps i'm saving all the pictures for later posts, since i have that whole "super limited upload" thing going on.

i went on one last london trip with my friends michele and dan! i met up with my supervisor for our last supervision at the tate modern {ain't no thang}, after which michele, dan, & i had lots of fun adventures. we went to the national gallery {which i'd written about for my supervision} and played the "find the ugly people in the paintings and dibs them as your future lovers" game. stopped in trafalgar square for pictures with the lions. then michele took us to 27 palace court aka the byu london center aka where i sent so many postcards to katie last semester! since we were so close, we hung out in hyde park and ate ben's cookies {i also lost my phone here, but don't worry, i found it}.  and my life was completed when we took pictures at platform 9 3/4!!

my last day in cambridge was so great. i turned in my last few papers, and then was totally done with schoolwork! lunch was my last meal at king's that i could use my meal card on, and despite my efforts to pay for as many people as possible whenever possible, i still had 33 pounds left on my card by the end of the meal.  jonathan had the brilliant idea to just buy a bunch of stuff from the cafe.  i'd already literally bought out their chocolate supply {no joke}, so i bought tons of waters and feel good juice drinks.  the looks jonathan and i got as we carried them back to his place were classic!  obviously, i couldn't drink all of that stuff before i left a few hours later, so i donated it to the "thanks for being my friends, byu pkp-ers" fund.  i then walked around town and took a few last touristy pictures i'd been meaning to take.

don't worry, the fun doesn't stop there. next post!

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