08 August 2010


one of the things i've had to get used to this summer are the paparazzi.


people see me leaving my stairwell, and take pictures of me from the bridge or the public side of the gate across the courtyard. or punters will go by, and see me in my window and want to get a photograph of a cambridge student.

it's ridiculous/awesome/tiresome/i feel like a celebrity.

imagine the tourists' delight when they saw 6 of us sitting on the benches in bodley's right by the river.  it was incredible- they would pull out their cameras and go crazy taking pictures of us. no joke.  after about the 10th punt that did this, aaron got a little fed up and declared, "that's it! the next person to take a picture of us gets their picture taken!"  so he did just that...he pulled out his camera and would photograph every person who took a picture of us trying to enjoy a sunny afternoon by the river. it was pretty epic.

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