29 August 2010

warming my house, not feeding my fire

hours after i got into provo, we hosted a little housewarming party! great fun, delicious food, and i got to see lots of my cambridge friends!

note to self #1
never speak, because everything you say will be taken out of context.  for all of you out there reading this {and none of you are the people who were there when this happened, but i want to get this out there anyway} i do not have romantic interest in geoff. despite how what i said sounded. goodness gracious.

note to self #2
good job not making a fool of yourself in front of boy #1. with the exception of note to self #1 that is. now relax a bit and really be yourself, and if you're lucky he'll find you irresistible and you will be his girl #1.

let's talk about how exciting it was to see katie again. and how much i love my cambridge friends. and how my body has no idea what time it is. and how i have church at 9am.

1 comment:

Brooke said...

Hey how long are you back? What are you doing tomorrow? Will I get to see my long lost love?