19 September 2010

art x 2 + cambridge amies

so since i'm working full time now, i'm determined to have awesome weekends.

yesterday was one of my many ideas of the perfect day.

the day started with a visit to the plein air art festival at thanksgiving point with katie.  it was alright {minus the creepy sculptures of just the heads of a children's choir}, just really small.  the glass blowing was pretty cool.

after that we went to the anna richards peterson and hannah galli art show and sale in salt lake-- that was great!  seriously, there was a lot of really fantastic stuff. we should know, because we both bought some of their artworks. so pumped to receive them and decorate our apartment!

later that night i got together and hung out with some girls from cambridge. and we all know that any and all cambridge gatherings are good gatherings.  especially when they include good stories and food.

i miss england a lot this weekend.

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Anna Peterson said...

you're the best. seriously. I'm ordering your stuff tomorrow. :)