09 September 2010

beyond a want

so i've wanted a new computer for a while now.  
see, the one i have now is a whale.
seriously, it's a beast. and it's embarrassing. and to make matters worse, the dvd player broke like 3 years ago, and we bought the big computer for improved dvd viewing. fail.

but now that want is a need. my computer cannot hold a charge. literally. when it comes unplugged {ie, when someone trips over the cord}, the computer immediately shuts off. and i lose everything i was working on. and i get frustrated.

i've been looking at laptops online a tiny bit {don't want to get my hopes up}. and i need your help. my family's a pc family, but i've always felt like a mac girl. not that i know that much about macs, i just like what i've seen. those of you who are passionate either way, convince me that i should buy what you believe in. points to sell me on: battery life--space on the computer {i want to be able to store lots of pictures and music}--cool editing programmes.

someday, i will get a new computer. santa? heck, great pumpkin?

1 comment:

Kar said...

I check this website everyday: dealnews.com. They have deals on computers often so you might want to start checking it too! I can't help you out with what you should get though :)