26 September 2010

cambridge karaoke

until saturday night, i'd never done karaoke.
singing in public kind of scared me. as i always say, i was in band and not choir for a very good reason.
however, over the summer i started to think that i would be game to try it out, provided that i was with a large group of good friends.

enter guru's saturday night karaoke in provo. alex organized a cambridge get together to go and sing, and guess what- it was a lot of fun! i sang in large groups thrice times over, and danced as everyone else sang {actually, i danced when i was singing, too}. really, the night was fantastic. i couldn't fall asleep for a couple hours after i left because i was still so energized.

proof that i went, sang, and danced:

remember how my friends are the best?

{photos courtesy of michele}

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