27 September 2010

cool things i'm doing this week

ok, just the cool things i'm doing on thursday.
but if you want to be equally cool as i am on that day of the week, i recommend you come along!

provided i get back from work in time, i'm going to hit up the new byu farmer's market  {2-7pm, football stadium}

world changers film festival {6-7pm, movies screened until 6:30, varsity theater}. films were created in india, africa, etc. so cool! 

"finding & loving your beauty" by stephanie nielson {nienie}. this is going to be unreal! {7pm, wilk ballroom}. i'm so excited for this, you don't even know.

the byu art history fall symposium {6-8pm, 3280 WSC}
go be culturally edified!

1 comment:

rebecca said...

i think i'll be joining you at two of those!