05 September 2010

peach tree photoshoot

my super cool/ridiculously beautiful friend lindsay and i hung out today and did what we do best: spontaneous photoshoots!
we drove to orem and took pictures on her film camera in a peach tree orchard.
the fact that it was peach trees makes me laugh.  there's an ongoing debate among my cambridge friends as to what the most seductive and/or sensual fruit is.  two of the boys are very adamant that peaches win, but i disagree. {feel free to cast your vote: what fruit do you think is the most seductive/sensual?}
alsooo, this is a different photoshoot from yesterday {still don't have those pictures yet}

orchard 2
orchard 3
orchard 4
see the rest on glare. {9.04.2010}

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