12 September 2010

red rock relay

the red rock relay this weekend was a lot of fun! seriously, i really enjoy watching/volunteering at running events.

highlights of the trip:
WE WON!! 1st out of 186 teams!! there were a few times there where i wasn't so sure, but we ended up winning by a 1hr margin. 
having the best car buddies
sleeping in church parking lots
pancake breakfast
volunteering at the finish line
getting 130+ kills {aka passing that many teams. we didn't actually kill people}

congrats byu tri club!



parkermoffat said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING AND HELPING! Seriously, it was a blast having you along for the ride. I hope you can come with us to more races! :D

JMay said...

That's amazing, congrats on the win!!