16 September 2010

will flirt for food

today was an evening of great food.

for dinner i had a bowl of brown rice, lemon-soy sauce chicken, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and flax seed. i spent the whole day thinking about it. it was just as delicious as i'd hoped!

megan and i got together and went to the new frozen yogurt place in town, earth fruits yogurt.  it's highly delicious- tons of great flavours plus something like 80 toppings! there were 2 guys working, and since megan and i are hot young things, they chatted us up when we purchased our yogurt. about halfway through our hour-long sojourn, the servers took a break from eying us up to bring us free chocolate frozen yogurt topped with crushed malt balls.

a little meaningless flirting can be a good thing.