30 October 2010

halloween office party

i intentionally don't blog about work {hence the rapid decrease in the number of posts since i've graduated}. i figure i spend all my time there anyway, so i'd rather talk about other things in my free time

wellll, yesterday was my first ever office party! honestly, i feel like i'm in the show the office {with about 20 times as many people}. everyone was dressed up, we had a pizza/pie party for lunch, and we got a paid lunch break! life is good.

i was going to just dress up as a hippie, but on the drive to work on thursday, i came up with an even better costume:
poker face

get it? i'm poker face! woo! definitely more original than the guy at work who won for his costume of the "hide yo' wife, hide yo' kids" guy, because i've seen like 10 other people in that costume since.
more pictures to follow once i get bethany to give me the ones she took during the day at the party!

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