02 October 2010

latest cambridge letterhead

i got my transcript from cambridge last night.
i didn't open it right away. i was too scared. i was with some cambridge friends and i didn't want them to see what was sure to be a look of disappointment.
when i pulled into my apartment complex, i was alone in my car and couldn't handle the anticipation any more.  i took the manila envelope, hesitated for just a second, and then opened it. when i finally looked down this is what i saw:

independent supervision: 68%
art, emotion, & morality: 64%
bloomsbury: 66%

and then i started to cry. not because i was upset, but because i knew that converted into american scores, it would have looked like this:

independent supervision: A-
art, emotion, & morality: B+
bloomsbury: A-

i'm pretty sure the tears were a result of literally being in shock.  i hadn't failed damian's class? i nearly got a solid a in my supervision {just 2% away}? i had done better at the university of cambridge than at byu? how is any of this even possible?

life is good, people. life is good. let's celebrate.

king's crew


Anna Peterson said...

yay! That is so happy! Congratulations.

Jen said...

hahaha, the percentage scores are scary, huh? :D Congrats on your grades though! That's awesome!!