18 October 2010

remember how my weekend was fantastique?

this was one of those weekends that was as close to perfect as possible.

fantastic movies

fantastic-er people

the most heavenly foods ever

other general good-ness

how were your weekends?


Alison said...

I had a wonderful weekend :) Had a great date with wayne-nerd and watched a movie with. Spent Sunday at his ward (he wanted to 'show me off') And spent the evening with his family :) It was calm and simple but I was glad my weekend was full with seeing my handsome man.

ps. did i mention that i miss you? please come over.

Camille said...

Oh I'm so glad it was so good! I'm booked this week, but M/Th are usually the best days to catch me so let me know when your schedule is open on either of those days!