02 October 2010

that time i had to be 4- no 5- places at once

so much to blog about!
first off, yesterday's day of insane socialness.

after work, katie and i stopped at the new byu farmer's market. it's every other week, and there's only 2 weeks left, so  be sure to hurry on over--i recommend it! it's extremely small, but i really like the selection much better than the provo farmer's market aka the provo craft fair.  i will concede that provo's has a better layout, though.
{please note that i am wearing this purse}

i then hurried over to the wilk for the social entrepreneurship film presentations. i ran into friends there, which was really fun.  each of the films dealt with an organization that's trying to change the world. the last one was filmed in africa, and only increased my desire to go there. did i mention that i dreamed last week about going to mozambique  avec parker?

once the films were over, i made my way to the art history fall assembly.  however, i looked in the windows on the door and noticed that it was a sit-down dinner event {and that martha is now somewhat blonde}, and i didn't want to interrupt if i was only going to be there for 10 minutes.  i stood in the hallway for a minute or two and listened to martha's booming voice, so it kind of counts as going, right?
vincent van gogh, portrait with bandaged ear, 1889
{i selected a post-impressionist work simply because my friend tonight informed me that he dislikes it. how is that possible?}

next on the agenda was the stephanie nielson presentation/talk/lecture/i don't know what to call it but i was really excited. it was supposed to start at 7:00 and since i had to leave at 7:15 i knew {or so i thought} that i'd at least get to see and hear some of her story. however, i forgot to factor in mormon standard time, and by the time i left they were still nowhere near close to getting started. major bummer. and a half. times 12. squared.

i had to leave early so i could attend the instrumental showcase! my friend from my home stake just got back from her mission and we hadn't yet caught up, so when she invited me to come along, i of course jumped on the opportunity.  it was so good to see her and hear a bit about her mission and to hear some amazing music.  i tell ya, when the philharmonic was playing, i got really nostalgic for my days as a musician.  it will always be a part of me.  when i move back home to the east coast near some amazing orchestras, you better believe i will hold season tickets.

phew. what a thursday!

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