01 November 2010

this is a serious one

i'm sure we've all had those moments in our lives where it seems like, despite your best efforts, things aren't going quite the way you'd want them.  they aren't bad, but you're note where you'd like to be.  

it's during those times that you think to yourself, "i'm doing all the right things: reading my scriptures, attending the temple, daily sincere prayer, trying to be Christ-like, etc. so why is it that i'm still missing those things for which i pray so intently- the things that are what i desire most out of life, but never seem to have."

i guess what i'm asking is this: what do you guys do to really work towards obtaining your faithful desires? how do you stay from getting discouraged? because i feel like i'm doing the best i can and then some, but i must be needing to improve something.  any and all tips and advice are welcome.


Anna Peterson said...

I have had times like that. I've come to realize that sometimes I'm simply being tested in order to practice patience. It is as if He just wants to know that we will continue to do what is right even if we don't have obvious signs or rewards. So frustrating, but then it always feels good when we pass.

parkermoffat said...

Well, there is one way you could get better:

Feed me more often. The more frequent, the better. ;)

Love you!

ashley said...

I totally understand what you are saying. Right now I am looking for a job and it is taking forever and I just want a job that I love, but obviously being an art history major doesn't help when looking for a job...so right now I am just really trying to have faith, because I know I am doing everything right, so the lord humbled me and now I just have to exercise faith, which is not easy as of late. Hang in there and if you ever want to go on a museum stroll let me know.

Lisa said...

Oh Camillie... sometimes you don't get what you ask not because you're not being incredibly great - but just because it's the wrong time. And unfortunately you can't make time move any faster.... so you just have to play as much as you can and have as much fun as possible where you are until the right timing rolls around.... whenever that may be.

Love you girl!

Lana Dawn said...

oh camille... i dont' think you can stay away from getting discouraged (sounds like great advice right?) but i think that the key is that when you are discouraged you keep trying (even if sometimes it feels forced and fake) at being faithful and doing all those things. God notices those kinds of things--- ya know?

Megan Armknecht said...

Camille, I love you! *Hug*
There's a verse from a hymn that I like to remember when I'm feeling down: "All needful grace will God bestow; And crown that grace with glory too. He gives us all things and withholds; No blessings due to upright souls." God won't withhold blessings from you if you are obedient. And it sounds like you are doing exactly what He would have you be doing; God wants to bless you and He will bless you.
The hard part for me to grasp is that it's in His own time. But I'm starting to learn that the Lord's time IS the best time. And I know He will strengthen you to make it through the waiting. He has for me. It also helps me to re-read my patriarchal blessing and remember that His promises are sure. Also, it helps to go to the scriptures with specific questions. He often answers my questions in the EXACT way I need through the words of His prophets.