06 November 2010

favorite person of the week:

today i went and bought some much needed makeup at the mall {hellllo mascara that i've had since france}.

the guy starts ringing me up, and asks me what my plans are for the weekend.  i said i was going to the movies with some friends, so he politely inquired which one. i responded that i didn't know, just whatever they wanted to see.  to which he says:

"oh that's so nice of you to see what your friends want to see! me, i only see movies that are cartoons or have zac efron in them! *giggles like a school girl*"

further proof that every male who works in the cosmetics department is gay.


rebecca said...

where you in nordstrom? cause i know exactly which guy that is!

parkermoffat said...

Was it the super-flaming Nordstrom guy?

Liese said...

Because of your post, I am now reminded that I need to go get new mascara!! Thanks! haha

Jeffreyhpierce said...

Hmmm, sounds like a man's man.