06 November 2010

french fries, or why my mom is the best

all this week i have had an insatiable craving for salt.

as soon as institute was over on tuesday, i booked it to the closest fast food place {wendy's, fyi} for some fries.
on wednesday, i bought some mini-bags of pretzels. you know that nasty salt at the end? yeah, i definitely ate that out of the palm of my hand.
yesterday, when buying apples for caramel apples, i bought a can of pringles and devoured a large portion of them on the drive to my friend's place.

so why does this make my mom the best?  well, it would always happen that at around 10 pm i would start jonesing for some french fries. the big kind that you cook in the oven.  nothing else would do, and nothing else would get done until i got my hands on those fries. lots and lots of those fries.  and my mom never complained--she would go to the store and buy some while i kept working on homework. 

now that i think about it, how was i not a fat kid in high school?

thanks, ma!

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smile like you mean it said...

You are worth it dear! Love you!