21 November 2010

piff paff puff

last night i went to the international cinema with my lovely friend natalie to see a swedish film called eviga ögonblick {that's everlasting moments, for those of you who don't speak swedish}.  i'd been looking forward to it for weeks for a few reasons: it was about photography; it was about a woman; it was on my half birthday.
i loved watching them use all these old timey cameras that i would just love to get my hands on.  i get really excited about art {obviously}, so i loved watching her passion for it grow and develop, and to see the healing power it had in her life.  that's one of the reasons i love art--when things are bad, it always has a way of comforting me.
the story focused on the abusive relationship between the main character and her alcoholic husband.  i've never been in a relationship like that, but i do know people who have been in similarly destructive relationships, so my heart broke for them as i watched the movie.  i wish i could properly describe how furious i got at the way the husband treated his wife.  but as we all know, when trying to speak on a topic that brings up such strong emotions, i tend to lose my words.
to end on a happy note: art is good. go study it.

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