16 November 2010

really, it's perfect

it's official:

i became a tad less entirely envious of her when i found out that we have something in common: we both graduated in art history.

interesting fact: this will be the first marriage of an heir to the throne to a commoner in something like 350 years. 

so here's my proposition
why not go all the way and marry an american commoner? i already know he'll love me since i love art. and he's going to soon become the duke of cambridge. and we all know i love cambridge.


Jen said...

I fully support this proposition, and I would totally sign a petition if you want to send it to him.

And I'll sign Derek's name for him, too.

2 for 1.

but only if you invite us to the wedding.

smile like you mean it said...

These were my exact thoughts when I saw that he was an art history major and she was a commoner....no lie.