17 November 2010

should i or shouldn't i

...buy these boots? 
immediate reaction: "duh. yes!!!"
rational-daughter-of-a-financial-consultant reaction a minute later: "no, camille. you may work full-time, but you earn next-to-nothing."

so which camille's side are you on?


May! said...

If you don't plan on buying anything else for yourself over the next paycheck or two, do it.

Or, just do it. Those boots are hot.


smile like you mean it said...

"rational-daughter-of-a-financial-consultant" hahah i have that instict too! But these boots are pretty dang atractive...tough call.

May! said...

I sort of amend my advice: If there's a chance these boots will be on sale after Christmas, get them then. That'll open up your budget a little for family shopping, and you get to save money on awesome boots (avoiding self/family/consumer guilt).