08 November 2010

a surprise, stargazing, and spain

this past week or so i've been pretty homesick. weird, i know, since this is my 5th year away from home. but my parents, being the awesome people that they are, called me last night to tell me that they're flying me home for thanksgiving this year!!!! people, i am SO excited!!! i haven't been home for thanksgiving since high school! and my mama's cookin' is the best, so i'm sososo happy!!

last night i had another dream about spain. i remember thinking to my dream-self, "why am i in spain? i don't even speak spanish." my brother and i were both there because, following that same dream-logic, my parents decided that since we wouldn't be leaving utah until wednesday night right before thanksgiving, they would have to send us to spain for two days. in that same dream, i went stargazing. this morning, i woke up and my neck was so.sore.  apparently, i actually tried to stargaze in my sleep. aaand camille for the win!

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