24 December 2010

current celebrity i wish i were/have a girl crush on

just saw romeo and juliet for the first time while waiting for my flight yesterday {was that really released in 1996? i feel like the internet is playing a joke on me}.
besides, she's also in my all time favorite movie, little women, and tons of other great ones like the hours and stardust.
and she was originally considered to play rose in titanic.
and she's not one of those annoying "i'm so pretty and awesome and talented so pay attention to meeee" celebrities, which makes me like/hate her for being awesome.


Liese said...

I LOVED Romeo and Juliet!!!! It was one of my favorites! I actually remember when it came out because 1) We had the VHS and 2) I think my mom broke it because she wore it out from watching it so many times!

Camille said...

haha that's awesome!!! i can't believe i'd never seen it before...it's sooo goooddd!!!!!!