20 December 2010

just what the doctor ordered

yesterday was exactly what i needed. natalie, her parents, and i went to the motab christmas concert featuring the one and only david archuleta {whose voice has gotten better over the years. he's honestly really really good.}  afterwards, we had a quick visit with my grandpa, and then went to her home ward.

the best part, though, came after church {can i say that? youknowwhatimean}. we had  a scrumptious home-cooked dinner {helloooo potroast. and rolls. i ate more rolls than her teenage brothers- fo realzy}. and of course a sunday meal almost necessitates a nap afterwords. or in our case, talking/drinking hot chocolate/eating pumpkin bars/falling asleep by the fire.

fireplaces really are winter's redeeming quality

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