31 January 2010

parental supervision

my parents got into town hier, and i got to see them for a bit! tonight, parker and i drove up to salt lake and went to dinner with them and my lovely gramma. 
yay for being with those i love, eating steak, and laughing so hard it hurts!

enjoying free drinks as we waited to be seated
pulling faces....although it looks like dad just took the photo-op as a chance to sleep
"smoking" those pirouette candies/cookie things

29 January 2010

best mail day to date

so i've been really good at checking the mail of late, anxiously awaiting my etsy order.
while i didn't get what i was expecting, i did get tons of great stuff!!!

a fantastic card from katie, all the way from london!!!

and a singing card and candy from my parents for valentine's day!!!

28 January 2010

art, men, and flowers

yesterday at the museum, we were trying to figure out how on earth we girls were going to be able to carry these huge canvases once we take down the john schaeffer victorian show {which will be a very sad day indeed}.  i suggested asking the football team since they have to do service hours anyway {and some of them are in my floral class...don't look so surprised- it is a great place to meet ladies afterall!}. ashley mentioned that she knew a lot of people on the rugby team, and i said i knew a few on the lacrosse team.

so of course i dreamed about the lacrosse and rugby teams last night. nothing sketchy- although it was a bit strange that they were just kinda roaming around this field of flowers...

mama k and papa d

can't wait for these two to come out this weekend!!

j'adore mes parents. 

26 January 2010

no photoediting required

we had our first floral design lab today!  and of course i loved it a lot! rebecca is in my section, which is awesome- it totally helps me feel more creative when i have a friend in class. as i was making my arrangement, the professor said, "that looks like a bridal bouquet! hold it up for everyone to see!" that was pretty rad. it looks less bouquet-ish in the pictures i have because the flowers aren't tied together or anything. 

also, i sat next to this cute european boy{from portugal, lived in france, switzerland, germany, and england. went to cambridge and gave me some pointers. going to med school.}  in lab who found me funny. score, right? until the whole "you're so funny- it's like being with my brothers!" thing. haha, i actually do think it's quite amusing. :) c'est la vie.

yay for friends!

had a great time just hanging out with my friends kait, karli, kaiti, lisa, brooke, and pam :)

25 January 2010

this story makes my heart hurt


thank goodness for restorers.  

The Actor, Pablo Picasso, 1904-1905
i think we can all agree that the best part of a drumstick ice cream cone is the very bottom- you know, that little nugget of chocolate. hands down.

23 January 2010

fire and ice

stephanie and i took advantage of all the beautiful snow that fell last night and had a photoshoot up the canyon today!
don't you just LOVE her red hair?? girl's a babe.

21 January 2010

oh excitement!

can't wait to get my order from alicebgardens!

a set of 7 photography postcards:

and this print:

look from london

a whole store dedicated to tights?

yes please!

20 January 2010

ellen von unwerth

loving ellen von unwerth's photography.

confession: i wish i were emma watson. there, i said it. the girl is remarkably incredible.
yes, i labeled this post under "celebrity crushes."

19 January 2010

a word of advice

if you want to both eat an orange and paint your nails {an orange color, too, interestingly enough}, you should probably not paint your nails first.
because then you're forced to "peel" it with a knife and you get a pile like this:

and you also have to ask your roommate to break it open for you...and get weird looks.

current likes:

einstein bagels playing led zeppelin.

that the guy at einstein spelled my name like this:

{seriously? with a 'k'? i can't resist the pun: way to go, einstein!}

how good i feel after going to the Temple.

that the Temple only took an hour instead of three.

breaking into my cousin's house and grabbing food {ok ok, it was unlocked, and it was only a handful of trailmix, but still. no one was home. i felt rebellious}

long drives up the canyon.

the mountains. seriously. i know i used to always say that they're just big slabs o' rock to me, but they've really grown on me a lot these past 4 years.  and actually being up in them and looking down on the valley or a lake is absolutely unreal. unreal. especially as the sun starts to set. honestly, it takes my breath away.

apple chicken salad on a croissant.  yummmo.


thanks to my brother parker for showing this to me.

someone picked a really good quote for the program yesterday

"If ever you are tempted to become discouraged or to lose faith, remember those faithful Saints who remained true in Kirtland.  Hold on a little longer.  You can do this!  You are part of a special generation.  You were prepared and preserved to live at this important time in the existence of our beautiful planet earth.  You have a celestial  pedigree and therefore have all the necessary talents to make your life an eternal success story."

Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Hold on a Little Longer," Liahona, Jan 2010, 4-8

18 January 2010

foo fighters- echoes, silence, patience & grace

just got this album from my brother.

l-l-l-ovin' it!

17 January 2010

my uncle randy and aunt julie have 12 kids, 12 sons- and daughters-in law, 51 grandchildren, and 2 more grandchildren on the way. 
and they are all incredible. i love them all more than i could ever say. they make me so happy :)