28 February 2010

i don't know how to walk

so you know how i've been alluding to something that happened recently that was moderately embarrassing?  well, i'm not embarrassed anymore so i'll post about it now.

on monday, i took my floral design test. i totally dominated it- i got a 91% and a "way to go!" on the screen!  so i guess the testing center felt it had to restore balance to the universe and dominate me.  that's right. i tripped down one single stair and sprained my ankle.  haha seriously though, how typical me is that?

i went to the doctor early the next morning when i was still in a lot of pain. i didn't shower or put on any makeup or anything- aka i looked really gross.  and yes, my theory was proved once more, and i happened to see a boy i knew my freshman year but hadn't seen since his mission.  anyway, the visit ended with me getting crutches, which i used for the next few days, but strictly around the apartment.  i didn't want to have to use them in public and tell my lame story.

but yeah, if anyone asks, yes i tripped over a single step, but it was as i was saving babies and puppies from a burning building...

27 February 2010

dinner and dragons

so my friend in the other ward has these monthly dinner parties that i go to. the food is always delicious, and the crowd just keeps getting bigger each time i go.  you never know what kind of people you're going to get, either.  half the reason i go is to see what kind of crazies show up.  

tonight took the cake.

this normal girl and i are sitting at a table with this girl who i could tell was going to be nuts.  let's call her adele.  i worked really hard to just be polite and let her tell me her stories; here are some snippits:

adele: "it's funny. i don't like nuts. but i like baklava."
camille: "yeah that is interesting."
adele: "it's just so funny. because i really don't like nuts. but i love baklava."
camille: "why do you think that is?...do you just like the texture or something like that?"
adele: "it's the honey. i just love honey. like, i LOVE honey. which is funny, because one of my characters doesn't like honey. he hates everything about honey- the smell of it, the sight of it, everything.  i'm like, how can you be my child {notice the change in term from character to child}? you hate honey and i love it! but there's nothing i can do about it, he's set in his ways, and i'm just like i should disown him!"
camille: ".......oh wow that is funny."

camille: "so you write stories?"
adele: "oooooohhhhhhohoho yeah. i write stories."
camille: "how many?"
adele: "i couldn't count. i literally couldn't count. but i've only finished one."
camille: "oh, wow that's funny. what was it about?"
adele: "well, it's a fantasy. and i gave it to my teacher to read and she made all sorts of crazy comments and corrections that were ridiculous."
camille: "really? like what?"
adele: "she wrote that she didn't know what [insert some crazy fantasy term here] meant. i mean really!! how can anyone who reads not know what that means?!?!"
camille: "i don't know what it means. i read."
adele: "...oh.  well, also, i clearly differentiated between dragons, wyrms, and [crazy animal name], and my teacher tried to group them all together!!!!! i mean, they are so clearly different! dragons have scales, and [crazy animal name] have feathers! and she wanted them to all be grouped together as dragons!!"

now, don't get me wrong. i'm not trying to be mean. but i'm just glad i turned out normal.

pop art by sir peter blake

i keep throwing "lively" on the end of his name...thank youuuu hollywood.


tonight i miss music.

i miss performing.
whether it be a high school stage or a palace in russia.

i miss the friends and fun.

the sense of accomplishment.

getting caught up in the moment while playing.
nothing else makes me feel that way.

i miss it all.

{philadelphia sinfonia, finland, june 2005}

25 February 2010


i went to my floral lab today instead of tuesday {again, more on that later} where we learned how to make boutonnieres!  they're actually pretty easy to make.  

well, we get extra credit if we get someone to wear them out in public, and seeing as how i missed class this week, i knew i needed the points.  i decided to call up my friend jeff that i grew up with in philly because i knew he wouldn't be embarrassed by the task, and i hadn't seen him in almost 4 years so it would be a good way to catch up.

the employee took the picture from a horrible angle, but i can't get mad. she gave me jamba!

ps- we got a new fridge!!

i found this note on my car this morning from my super awesome friend erica!  she may have put it there yesterday, but seeing as how i couldn't really drive yesterday {more on that later...like in a few days when it's less embarrassing...} i only got it today. it was snow/raining a bit, so it got a little wet. totally made my day :) thanks, girl!

23 February 2010

tea time lunch time

love lunch time in the early afternoon with my roommate :)

sometimes i read books

so i love to read, but i have this nasty habit of starting any given book at least twice {and up to probably 5 times...jane eyre... the sun also rises is getting up there, too.} before i can actually get all the way through.  

last night, i finished reading atonement by ian mcewan, and it was only start number 2 {the first time was over the summer}!! i never saw the movie since it's rated 'r' so i can't offer any sort of comparison that way, but i can tell you that i did really like the book. part 2 was the slowest for me {also where i gave up the first time} since it's the military stuff.  it's definitely my kind of writing style, though- expressive and descriptive without being overbearing.  i thought  mcewan {or should i say briony} was really able to articulate what the characters were thinking, the thoughts behind the actions. that probably doesn't even make sense, but youknowwhatimean.

so yeah, it's good.

22 February 2010

today {well, at this point, yesterday} consisted of:

1. time with papa d and my bro in slc

3. being really ridiculously amazing at billiards {yes, on a sunday, you old people who were mad at us}. just ask parker how good i am. 

4. time with my g-parents

5. good studying with rebecca

6. midnight run to macey's with brooke for coke and snickers. nothing but the best.

20 February 2010

to my dad:


je t'aime :)

not really a sport

so i'm a certified olympics junkie. pretty obsessed with everything about them.

but even i have to admit that ice dancing {not to be confused with pairs figure skating} is just...strange. and painfully boring- except for the 4 good couples, who are only moderately boring.  and what on earth is the difference between free and original skate?  sorry ice dancing- i'm going to go watch curling.

19 February 2010

katie's blog makes me so jealous. sagrada familia people! 

on another note, always a good thing when the museum director tells you emphatically that he believes you're going to be successful {because i'm so smart, happy, nice, and hardworking}. not to brag, it was just way nice to hear. especially considering that i also dropped a painting which caused the glass to shatter all of the floor today. score.

18 February 2010

current likes:

1. that my roommate used the left over rose petals from the floral arrangements she was doing for her cousin's wedding to do this to my room:

2. the glasses cloth that katie sent me from england! l-l-love it!

3. chocolate covered anything {peanuts, pretzels, strawberries, cinnamon bears, etc}

17 February 2010

a theory

ohmygosh i seriously ran into everybody today. i kid you not.  i went to campus for less than two hours today.  if you factor out the time it took for my quiz, i was there about an hour and a half. and i ran into pretty much every boy ever.  seriously. i saw: ben/chris/christopher/dave/carson/brian/cameron/lane/caleb all in that time.  throw in actual conversations with half of those people plus the fact that i ran into some girls {alyssa/paige/margaret/laura}, and you can imagine how i felt. yes, incredibly popular. haha no, just more in shock.

the thing is, i've noticed that i always look or feel less than my best on days like this {for example, i was feeling sick this morning, thus didn't get too ready}.  on the days where i'm feeling really ridiculously good looking and actually want to be seen, i don't see anyone. i kid you not.

so here's my theory:

look horrible and run into friends
look hot and run into no one

interesting conundrum, eh?  because you don't want to look horrible and run into people you know, but you don't want to look good and have it go to waste.

the man your man could smell like

seriously, funniest commercial ever. i don't have any idea how many times my roommates and i have watched this. 
i can't embed the video, but click [here] to watch it.

16 February 2010

come to the ball

my brother's roommate is a film major, and they put this little nugget of joy together to advertise for their ward activity this weekend!! hysterical! maybe i'm biased since i know them, but i say watch for yourself:

more pictures of my parents in honor of their anniversary

seriously, how cute are they?

happy 26th wedding anniversary to my parents!!!

that's them, on the ends.  not in the middle. that's me and sam, right as he's going into the mtc.

15 February 2010

crazy, old news

yes, this is 13 years old, but i just found this story and find it quite amusing/slightly ridiculous.

leonso canales jr. got his county to make "heaveno" instead of "hello" its official greeting.  read the fully story [here]

14 February 2010

Valentine's Day

happy valentine's day, everyone!

today is my favorite holiday! weird, i know. especially considering that i've never had a valentine.

but i just love it!  growing up, when i lived at home, i loved how my dad would always bring my mom home a huge bouquet of flowers. oftentimes, he would bring smaller bouquets for my sister and me, too.  one of my favorites was when we lived in jersey- i had to have been in 5th grade- and my dad gave me 8 nancy drew books for valentine's!

my freshman year of college was a particularly great valentine's, too.  i was really close with this apartment of 6 boys in my ward.  early in the afternoon {and right after i'd gotten out of the shower}, one them called me and told me to walk out my door and into the lobby of my dorm. i found a trail of hershey's kisses {in red and silver wrappers} that ended in a big heart, with a  vase full of pink tulips in the middle, complete with a cute note in french!!  i was so excited!! what sweeties :)

anyway, i mostly love valentine's day not because i've had some remarkable history of romantic successes, but because i love just sitting back and watching what everyone does for each other to show their love and their feelings.  when that day comes to actually be a valentine, i'm not sure if i'm going to know what to do, since i usually just observe from the sidelines!

13 February 2010

floral faves

i've always loved flowers.  
tulips are my favorite- my mom says it's because of my dutch heritage {i'm 25% dutch afterall}.

this floral design class has really exposed me to/made me learn a lot of new kinds of flowers. and i have to say, persian buttercups {which always make me think of katie}are a v e r y close 2nd to tulips. 
don't you just love them?

12 February 2010

i'd like to apologize on the behalf of the young man who sent this text message

since valentine's day is on sunday {!}, today's issue of the daily universe features a section on love advice.

here's one of the letter's someone submitted:

"Dear Dr. Love,
While at BYU, I have met some of the kindest, most respectful young men I could imagine; however, I have also been treated poorly.  Last week, I was scheduled to go on a small-ish date with a guy I met at a stake dance of all places.  Two-and-a-half hours before our date was scheduled, my "date" sent me the following text: "(Insert pal nickname here), there comes a time in life that some receive the Gift of Dating Prophecy. I prophesy that our date will be like trying to mix Kool-Aid and olive oil.  You're olive oil, and I'm Kool-Aid.  This is a metaphor.  Let's just turn back time to before we set the date.  We know you were after my wallet anyway.  Let's just be friends on Facebook or something.  Merry Christmas!"  Is there still hope for a Kool-Aid-repelling girl like me?"
~ Olive Oil

just heard the birds chirping :)
can't wait for spring!

11 February 2010

kayla d

i was just informed that three years ago yesterday was the day this lovely lady and i met:

3 years of awesomeness!

here are some more photo highlights:

so i think you've all officially met all of my best friends: kayla, hailey, stephanie, katie, and annabelle.

10 February 2010


something like 30{+} inches of snow this past week at home in philly. crazzzy.

09 February 2010

dear ben & jerry's,

my midnight runs for your mini-ice creams are going to be the death of me.
xo, camille

08 February 2010


my cute neighbor back home just posted a bunch of pictures of her and sam from her junior/his senior year. 
i'm pretty much obsessed with this picture: look how cute my little brother is!!