30 March 2010

there are a lot of things that i wish i understood. but i have the feeling that i never will.
and, unfortunately, i just have to accept that.

little letters

dear self,
you've been having nightmares every night for at  least the past week and a half. last night you had a nightmare someone was trying to murder you. please stop this. nightmares + the very little sleep you've been getting anyway = no fun.

dear phone,
you have a tendency to turn yourself off.  normally it's while i'm trying to send a text message. inconvenient, yes, but always during the day. never have you turned yourself off while i'm sleeping. since you're my alarm, if you're off, i don't wake up.  i didn't appreciate that today.

dear bananas,
thank you for being perfectly ripe this morning. i needed that.

all my love,

29 March 2010

i basically am the inspiration for j.crew

oh, look, what's this? i'm obsessed with this month's j.crew catalog? quelle surprise.
seriously though, i'm loving this season's colors. so good.
also, i have a confession: this past year i've come to realize that all i want to do is be the person in charge of these catalogs {for j.crew or anthro- i'd be happy either way}

part of the reason i especially love this month's issue is because it seemed a little familiar:
large flowers in a photoshoot anyone?

28 March 2010



27 March 2010

create your own iceberg

whilst at a party tonight, my guyfriend jeffrey and i both made some comment about the create-your-own-coupon at iceberg tonight, so we and our {new} friend stacey decided to go!  you had to draw your coupon, and i colored a buy one regular shake, get one free coupon {since, you know, once again being an art history major means i'm an artist}:
boy: i <3 you
girl: yeah, i'm only here for the food.

we got a grasshopper shake and a reese's/brownie/marshmallow one...yeah, that kind of tasted like old candy bar.

also, i later went to 5 guys and ate some fries.  throw in the doritos i had for breakfast, and i like really had a totally nutritious day.  at least i had bananas for lunch.

26 March 2010

definition of popularity:

three parties in one night. especially on a weeknight.
*disclaimer- not-so-good lighting creates not-so-good images.

first i had my friend ashley's bridal shower.  in case i haven't made it clear enough, i love ashley!! i'm super bummed that she doesn't intern at the museum any more- so many good times!  the decorations were really cute, the food was delicious, and all the other girls were really cool, too!  they did that whole "correctly-answer-the-questions-we-asked-the-groom" game, and i have never seen someone so good at it!  snaps, girl!

it was also traci's half-birthday tonight, so i stopped by that party for a few minutes.  i showed up with the only thing one could bring to half birthday party: a snickers bar and birthday card both cut in half!

my roommate paige's birthday is today!!  she had {or is currently having...the party's still going on but i'm working on homework because i'm lame. that's the antithesis of popularity}  lisa bought decorations, and she, pam, and i set those up.  happy birthday, paige!!  you're amazing!!

25 March 2010


thanks to bestie katie for these pictures from cambridge!

ps- hurry up and come back already!

24 March 2010

nightmares and small pleasures

i had the most horrible dream ever last night where my best friend's dad died unexpectedly {but don't worry- a hottie from high school-eric- was there, and if he was in utah, then he must be investigating the Church right?}  i texted annabelle right after i woke up and she reassured me that kev is still alive and well.

to make myself feel better, i thought i'd post some of the "101 small pleasures you can enjoy everyday" that i read online yesterday. i pretty much agree with every single one, so i'm just including a small sampling :)

the first daffodils of spring

window boxes

a handwritten letter

singing in the shower

playing hookey

street musicians

your favorite song

old fashioned photo booths

rainy afternoons

the funny things kids say

a novel you can get lost in

fresh herbs

spending an afternoon at a museum

green lights all the way home

holding hands

a great hair day with no effort


slow dancing

hot chocolate

old photographs

a spoonful of peanut butter straight from the jar


what are some of your favorite?

the anti-austen

any lady who has ever dated in provo {or anybody looking for a case  study on provo dating} needs to read this blog.  i absolutely love it! it's so reassuring to hear that i'm not alone in my dating quandaries.

22 March 2010

wakeup call

dear upstairs neighbor,

hi.  i know we've never met, and you're new and all, but i would like to make a few kindly requests.
1: please don't play your flute {and at forte} and sing opera in the morning.  it wakes me up. i know it's 11:00, but i've been having an extremely difficult time falling asleep of late, and my few hours of shuteye are very  precious to me.
2: please stop dropping bricks and/or sumo wrestlers {i haven't decided which} on the floor late at night.  many times it's happened at that pivotal moment as i'm about to fall asleep. but no, the sudden BOOM starts me out of bed and then i'm up for ages. which contributes to request number one.
3: please don't slam your door so loudly. i know the doors stick {mine is notorious for it},  but it can be done more quietly.

i hope this doesn't get in the way of our friendship.  i sincerely wish you the best in your music and brick/sumo wrestler dropping careers.

kindest regards,

ps- i miss erica.


got lots of great love notes tonight, but i feel 2 are especially post-worthy.

in response to rachel: yes! let's be e-bffs and maybe even real life bffs one day! people will be confusing us all the time in our twinner bathing suits.

in response to my secret lover: thank you. and you're welcome.  
i just wish i knew my girlfriends' left-handed writing better!

21 March 2010

i love warm weather: #2

reason #2:

sunday afternoons in the park with friends. and otterpops. and sunglasses.

20 March 2010

happy first day of spring!

i just wish i were back in pa for free rita's.
or as i call it, heaven on earth.

go-karting, custard, and city views

tonight i went on this really fun, casual group date with my friend in the other ward in our apartment complex.

we started off going go-karting in slc! even though i'm not the greatest at it, it was still super fun!  i met my goal of not having to get help from one of the workers for getting stuck or something like that{which happened to one of the other girls}.  definitely had a blast!

then we went to nielsen's frozen custard in bountiful for burgers and custard. oh my cute and delicious!  --sidenote, i hear guy from the food network did an episode of diners, drive-ins, and dives there-- i got bumbleberry custard- i was intrigued by the name on the menu, and then found out that it's just strawberry and raspberry aka a heavenly pairing of flavors.  man, it was good. i ate so much. remind me not to eat until sunday.

one of the kids in the group served his mission in the area, and knew where all the apostles lived.  he wanted to show off to his date i'm sure, so we drove around and saw some of their homes.  totally one of those "you-know-you're-mormon-when" moments.  but  i'm not complaining too much because i got to see president uchtdorf's house! maybe it's wrong to have a favorite, but oh well. because he's mine.

all the houses were up in the mountains, and we had this amazing view of the city as we drove down.  seriously, i love cityscapes at night; they're just so unbelievably beautiful.  a small part of me thinks i shouldn't find such domination over nature beautiful, but the bigger part of me has my breath taken away by splendor of the sight.  growing up, we spent a few weeks in utah most summers, and one of my most vivid and favorite memories is driving down the mountain from a relative's house and suddenly seeing all the city lights.  even at that young age, i was enchanted by the twinkling christmas-like lights.

{not the city lights but i still liked the picture}

19 March 2010

70 million by hold your horses

i think this is awesome, but what can i say? i'm an art history major!
i'd be interested to see how many of the references you non-art history majors can get...i'm never sure just how nerdy i am.

link {here}

henna at a bridal shower? ye-es puh-lease!

tonight was my friend madi's bridal shower, and it was a lot of fun!  i only knew 3 people {the bride and 2 other guests}, so i was worried that that might not be so cool, but everyone there was awesome!  one girl went to london last spring and we talked about that.

there was tons of delicious food- including chocolate fondue! yes, i spilled all over myself. are we even surprised, people?  i thought not.

of course there were games: my group of 3 took 2nd place in the toilet paper wedding dress game {losing only to the group consisting of madi's mom and her little cousin, so i'm pretty sure that was rigged}.  we even had a garter on our model!  i'm not sure if my cousin jessie reads this, but if she does, yes the veil was inspired by you!

the coolest thing about the shower was the henna!  i've never had henna done before, so i jumped on that opportunity.  i think it's SO cool looking- i love how it spreads from my thumb to my ring finger.  i only got one sealer coat {you know, that lemon sugar stuff}, so i don't know how long it will last. but woo i'm happy!
i had to take this picture on my phone with my left hand, which was quite the challenge. my fingers ended up looking a little chunky, but you get the picture.

18 March 2010

luck o' the irish

happy st. patrick's day everyone!

i signed on to blogger after a long day of the museum and class only to see that i now officially have 17 followers- how perfect!

17 March 2010


ohmygosh! i just found out about the new phantom of the opera sequel love never dies opening this month...in london!!! it'll be there while i'm in cambridge!!! i don't care how cheesy the title is- i have to go to this!!!!  
if any of my cambridge friends are reading this {which would be you, rebecca j.}, please tell me you want to go, too!

and yes, i found out about this while watching saturday night live... with jude law hosting. his accent is smooth like butter. mmm. i hope every man sounds like him when i'm over there...

16 March 2010

i love warm weather: #1

i love warm weather. and yes, in utah, almost 60 degrees counts as warm.

reason #1: 
i can finally study outside {and at night!} again. it's the only way to go, really- i get too claustrophobic inside my room.  
best when accompanied with perrier and strawberries.

good nights are made of food, friends, and smeared makeup

i think over the past 2 months, monday night has become brooke night.  

i was so glad when she reminded me last night via facebook of tonight's 20/20 expose {yes, i use that term loosely} on the bachelor!  can't get enough of that show. that alone should've given me the feeling that tonight was going to be a good night {cue black eyed peas}.

to start the night off, brooke made fish tacos! it was the first time i've ever had fish tacos {i swear i used to live in the bay state where there was lots of fish}.  they were delicious.  take a look for yourself:

we then moved on down to my apartment to watch our show, all the while enjoying cranberry-apple zinger herbal tea and girl scout cookies

of course the show caused all sorts of conversation, including {but not limited to}: braces, school pictures, and in-laws. you can imagine the hysterical laughter that ensued.