30 April 2010

weekend roadtrip!

yesterday i went and reviewed my 30 strangers pictures with justin hackworth.  i LOVE them!!!! if you ever need an awesome photographer, be sure to go to him.  we also both share a love for rodney smith's work, which is what inspired last night's post.

also! in an hour or two i'm leaving for my first ever trip to saint george to see my brother do ironman!! what a machine!! so ladies, if you like fit men who are in the macc (masters of accountancy), i got the sweet hookups.

exactly this time last year, i was on my way to mesa for hailey's wedding!!

dear rodney smith,

i've already fallen in love with your work. hows about when i someday fall in love with a man, you take my wedding pictures? that would be a dream come true. i promise to write a really nice blog post about it :)

28 April 2010

floral temp work

i'm temping at a local floral wholesaler for the mother's day/memorial day again this year.

who knew flowers could be so exhausting? yeah, i'm pretty much worn out.

27 April 2010

hey ya cover by obadiah parker

love-love-loving this version.

this song always brings me back to sophomore year of high school.
some sort of school party going on.
in the girl's gym.
pete w. singing.
lindsay l. watching amorously.
it's actually a good memory of high school.

i love warm weather: #5

reason #5:

s'mores for fhe

we just made them over the grill, which isn't the same as a campfire. but delicious nonetheless.  
and yes, i can pack back more s'mores than i care to admit. but is anyone really surprised to hear that? mmm.i.thought.not

25 April 2010

love to go

"Camille: You get your love note to go w/ extra love. Because of your awesome hotness. Drew"

yeah, i'll probably get this tattooed.

24 April 2010

i'm so b.a.

that's right, readers- i officially have my bachelor of arts from byu!!!!!!!!!!! it's the weirdest feeling- there were [many] times where i didn't think i was ever going to be able to survive, but it also feels like i just started.  weren't the dorms just yesterday?

thursday was commencement.  even though i had to sit on the backside of the speaker due to an epic seat-counting fail, i really enjoyed listening [and reading- i could see the prompts] to elder christofferson's talk.

afterwards, my family and i went to gloria's little italy for dinner.  delicious food + my family = fantastic night.

convocation was friday morning...at 8:00. eek! the graduates had to be there at 7:15, which wasn't so fun.  hence why i look so tired and don't seem to be able to smile completely in these pictures. katie was able to catch a flight back from london and got in late thursday night, so she was able to make it to graduation afterall!!  my friend annabelle also caught a 6 o'clock bus from slc just for the occassion!
byu: check
next up: cambridge

30 strangers photos

blogger isn't uploading my graduation pictures, so that post will have to be a little delayed. boo on that.

in the meantime, check out the pictures of my family from justin hackworth's 30 strangers project {here}

how beautiful are my gramma, mom, and sister?? seriously, such babes!!

21 April 2010

pretty sure this might be my mom's favorite birthday. ever.

today has been such an amazing day!

first, i picked up my mom {today's her birthday, too!} and sister from the airport.
then we met up at my gma's place, chatted, and enjoyed homemade tacos.
after that was a quick stop to pick up my c&g {cap and gown, for those of you who aren't katie}.

NEXT was the best part of the day!
remember that 30 strangers project that i got chosen to participate in?  today was the big day, and ohmygosh what a blast! i had the most important women in my life with me- my gramma, mom, and sister- laughing, talking, and dancing {oh yes, there was dancing}.  justin hackworth was so great to work with- he really made us feel comfortable and created a fun environment. i'm so so excited to see the pictures! 

follow it all up with my car battery dying {thanks to my brother parker for coming to the rescue there} and dinner. i'd call the day a success.

ps- i love the rain.

20 April 2010

i get really jealous when people from college post pictures of their trips to philly.
i also get really annoyed with those people talking/acting like they know/own the place.

textbook sellbacks

i went to try to sellback textbooks from fall semester that they weren't taking then, thinking that with the classes coming up again this semester, they would be sure to buy them.  of course, they didn't.  

i wasn't deterred, though.  i hit up boomerang books, where they only took back one of my books.
for $2.
at least i got free frozen yogurt out of it.

i guess this is what i get for not having any finals.

19 April 2010

as if four months wasn't long enough

i hate stupid iceland.  you and your volcano that no one can spell or pronounce is keeping bestie katie in london until at least sunday.  which means she's going to miss graduation.  are you bloody kidding me? 

this sucks.
i guess i should say this blows. because that's what that volcano did.

maybe it's just me...

the sun makes me flirty.

18 April 2010

lions park

brooke and i were looking for something to do tonight {after going to my 2nd bbq of the week!}, so i decided  to google "cool things to do in provo".  miraculously, a list of 100 things to do in provo came up.  seeing as how it was nearing 10 o'clock- you know, well after the closing time of pretty much everything in provo- we thought we should hit up one of the parks on the list that we hadn't been to yet.  after picking up a vanilla coke for some energy and getting a little lost, we eventually made it to lions park.

highlights: saarinen-esque pavillion. random boulder. playground. bridges. oh, and a killer view of the city
lowlights: the swings were too low.

also, did you know that if your car is there after hours and you've walked far away from it, the park ranger ladies will shine bright lights throughout the park looking for the owners of said "abandoned" car?  because they do.

16 April 2010

it's {not even} 8:30 on a friday night, and i'm going to bed.

i literally can't keep my eyes open.

i can't explain it. i've been getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night. eating meat. i'm not depressed. i'm not having nightmares anymore, so it's not like my sleep quality has been poor, either.

i'm just exhausted, and i don't know why.

so, i'm going to bed. just know i won't be answering my phone tonight.

i love warm weather: #4

reason 4:

had my first bbq of the season. food, friends, {watching other people play} volleyball. 
thanks to jeffrey for cooking!
did i mention that it got up to 70 degrees today? love it!

15 April 2010

veer d.i.y. masterpieces

thanks to my scooter-lovin' friend laura for showing this me!  

i highly recommend that all art-historians click {here}

waiting for autumn

so i finally saw (500) days of summer tonight.

i know, i know. where have i been? but who are we kidding- we all know it takes me aaages to see movies. anyway, everyone told me that i'd love it. that it's my kind of movie. that i just had to see it.

everyone was right.

seriously, people. i am tom {joseph gordon-levitt}. obviously, it's not an exact match, but there are a ton of similarities.  i could tell from the outset that i was going to relate.  i'm glad i didn't watch this 2 months ago, when things were really sucky. now things aren't bad and i can watch it without feeling any sort of pain.

everyone said how mad/sad/angry they were with what happened in the movie.  honestly, i felt hopeful. in the end, he gets his autumn. and i'm sure it's even better than summer.

14 April 2010

one of the cool kids

earlier this week, i picked up my isp {international studies programs} backpack that all the people who go on study abroad programs get. sweet! i've always been jealous of those who have them, because i know it means they've been on some adventure i haven't.

now is the only moment where i wished i still had another semester left of school. rest assured that it's only so i could show off my sweet new gear.

i could really use a dose of wonderful

13 April 2010

lunch avec hb

i've known hannabeth since our freshman year. we lived in the dorms together, and as i always say, someone who knew me then and is still friends with me is a true friend.  to make it even better, we share a birthday and a love for the french language!

today we went to lunch at zupa's and caught up. i am always impressed with all the amazing things hannabeth is doing with her life. ps- i love her hair and how she plays with it when she's talking :)

here's some throwbacks from freshman year:

i can hardly believe we're both graduating.  i swear, the dorms feel like they were just yesterday...

12 April 2010

i like your beard

i love this song.

i love warm weather: #3

reason #3:

bmb season is back! 
sunday nights + a park + friends + music + group cuddling + swing jumping competitions = wonderful

{bmb- blind man's bluff; marco polo on a playground.}

11 April 2010

dear sara bareilles,

thank you for "little voice."

i've been listening to it all night.

i feel ya, sister.

10 April 2010

byu classes: the final day

so yesterday was pretty much the biggest day of my academic career ever. the culmination of my collegiate experience {at byu at least}. the reason i haven't been able to get any sleep in weeks.

yesterday was my senior thesis presentation.

i'm not going to get into all the reasons why that was horribly terrifying for me.  i just want to point out that I SURVIVED! that's a huge deal, since i felt like i was going to die. and if i hadn't been the 2nd one to present, and had to wait until the end, i'm pretty sure that i would have actually died. 

i also want to point out that i have the best friends and family ever! my mom flew into town-- and missed going to the masters-- just to see me present; parker sat through two hours of art history presentations; and stephanie came and cheered me on, despite the busy day she had yesterday!

this picture is just missing katie.

after the presentations were over, my mom and i went out to lunch to celebrate!  a few weeks ago, i was looking through my friend brooke's bridal magazine {yes, she's engaged. she doesn't just have bridal magazines on hand} and saw an advertisement for this place called blue lemon that looked delicious. let's just say that that was no false advertising because oh my heavens it was good! talk about the world's freshest sweet potato fries. and that shrimp! so good!

on the way back from lunch, i made sure to introduce mom to the best park you can find in utah.

we came back to my apartment, where i took a short nap. i woke up to find that my sweet roommate lisa had brought me home a beautiful arrangement of flowers!

my mom went to slc to visit family, so i spent the night with friends- watched some volleyball, ate more delicious food at india palace, ate creamies, and watched some of a movie before the whole "horrible sleep quality" thing caught up to me. and yes, i got back to my apartment before my mother on a friday night. 

such a great day!