31 May 2010


{circa summer '06. 15 and 18 years old. i was living with my aunt and uncle in utah, and he came for a visit}

30 May 2010

sometimes i find new music off of tv commercials

touch by natasha bedingfield

29 May 2010

The Bachelorette

As I was getting ready today, I realized that I forgot a very important post earlier this week.
The Bachelorette started up!!!!!
Monday night girls' nights are back!
Alison, Lindsay, Karli, all the other girls, and I very scientifically rated each of the 25 potential suitors.  There might even be a bracket involved.  We take our TV love very seriously.

PS- I think I've already admitted that this is my guilty pleasure.  I'm not ashamed.  There are much worse things. Like cheering for the Utes ;) {buuurn, mom and dad}

28 May 2010

conference talk

i read this talk from the conference edition of the ensign last night.
it was so good.
you should read it.

this time 1, 2, & 2.75 months from now

i will be living here:

no big.

27 May 2010

i need a hair cut like woah.

i would very much like to be the girl in this picture.
i'm all for a photoshoot like this.  anyone know of a location inspired by this photo?

26 May 2010

reasons i love my internship:

1) my supervisors felt so bad about forgetting my birthday last week, that they brought in 4 delicious cupcakes from my favorite cupcakery, sweet tooth fairy. don't worry, i shared.
{cookies n creme, raspberry lemonade, toasted coconut, key lime}

2) i get to visit artists' studios.  in case your wondering, michael coleman has an awesome house. granted, the taxidermy ain't really my thang, but his library is fantastique.

25 May 2010

Do You Recognize This Girl?

If you read this blog, then the answer to that question should be yes.
Last week, I got to sit for my beautiful and talented friend Anna.  She's in the BFA at BYU, and is so amazingly talented.  Honestly, I can't say enough good about her- both as an artist and as a person.  I'm so grateful we were both in the same Art History 201 class together.  So any of you in Utah looking for an incredible portrait, you know who to call.  Besides, she gives you really good art books to read while she's painting.

24 May 2010

it is may 24th...

...and there was snow on my car this morning.
it's MAY people!  like, the end of may.

this time next month

i will be here:

23 May 2010

fin: breakfast, parties, and art balls

not fin as in "that fish sure has a nice fin"
rather, fin as in french for end/finish/etc

today was the final day of birthday celebrations:

first off {after running around town checking out books from the library to read for cambridge}, my friends jamal and mike stopped by to take me to a surprise breakfast in honor of my birth! mmm strawberry crepes!

this afternoon was my birthday party! i was a little nervous when it was raining early this morning {i must have heard it while i was sleeping because i sure had dreams about it ruining my party}. luckily, the rain held off until a few minutes after the party ended.  it was pretty much my idea of a perfect party: being outside with friends, eating cupcakes, and playing lawn games.  thanks to everyone who could make it!

the day ended with the annual art ball at the museum! even though i'd been dying to go, i didn't buy tickets, what with being a poor college student.  luckyyy for me, they needed some interns to help work, so i got to go anyway! i basically just ushered people, did coat check, and handed out pictures.  and i came back with flowers and sore feet.  my friends courtney and eileen were there, so i got to spend time with them! i'm so glad i got to go!

20 May 2010

B&W with KB

in other words...
Black & White with Katie B.
picture overload.
i have really got to start making friends with ugly people.

The Best Part About Turning 22? Whenever I Flash My Peace Signs, I'm Also Flashing My Age!

I can hardly believe I'm 22! I sometimes feel old when I think about it, but most of the time I'm too busy thinking about how awesome this year is going to be!

First, I want to thank my friends for all the text messages and the million and a half {roughly} happy birthday posts I got on my facebook wall! Woo!

Birthday highlights:

Put in a few hours at one of my favorite places: the Springville Museum of Art!

Lindsay's birthday gifts! She sure does know me ;)

Dinner at Carrabba's with my brother, Parker.  Ohmydelicious. Yeah, let's just talk about how good that place is! Seriously.  Tonight's meal was also a parting for the summer- Parker leaves tomorrow morning for his internship in Boston.  Of course I'm going to miss him, but he is going to kick some serious butt.

I went on the most marvelous walk tonight.  Nothing like taking a walk in the evening. It's magical.  Although, I do miss the bats flying overhead, like at home.

Watched an old favorite, Roman Holiday.  Such a great film.  Even better when accompanied with chocolate-covered strawberries.

I love birthdays!

19 May 2010


Tuesdays at Sammy's are 2-for-1 shake days. 
Tuesday is also the day before my birthday.
My friends wanted to have fun and be nice to me, so we went to Sammy's for some of their famous pie shakes {a whole slice of pie blended into each shake!}. It was my first time, and man, it was gooood.  Even if the machine wasn't working properly, resulting in runny shakes.

We also decided that all movies should be redone with Christian Bale's Batman voice.
I also decided there's a reason I always wear my hair down.  It's because I look like a man with it pulled back.  And not a very cute man.

18 May 2010

in case you're wondering, krispy kreme is open 24/7

and thank goodness for that, because it prompts late night spur-of-the-moment trips from salt lake to provo by the likes of annabelle and andrew.