31 July 2010

i love my life

london was fantastic.

don't worry, this is just a teaser.  i'll post about it for realzy later.

30 July 2010

i seem to have a thing for jumping into the cam fully dressed

some friends {jared, jeff, alex, alex, & hwanhi} ran over to grantchester today.  seeing as how i was busy at the designated meeting time, i walked over later and met up with them at the orchard for scones.  on the lovely walk back, it was decided that it would be a good idea to jump in the river, despite the cold day.  everyone else was dressed appropriately for such an activity in running clothes, but not wanting to miss out, i followed my normal course of action and just jumped in fully dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt.  and i loved it.

the end.

29 July 2010


just booked tickets for a few days in the netherlands after the programme ends!!

that means this summer i'll have gone to the lands of my ancestors on both sides {the other one would be scotland, not italy, in case there was any doubt}!!

28 July 2010

some might say charming

my craziness is endearing, right? that's what i tell myself at least.

in other news, i bought the.cutest.pair of wellibobs yesterday! none of my shoes are rain appropriate, and frankly i'm tired of slipping/falling/flashing people/scraping myself up as a result of improper footwear.

for those of you who i'm friends with on facebook, picture is there. if i'm not, then i'm sorry. just imagine really cute boots.

27 July 2010

i don't mean to complain or draw attention to myself, but studying and writing my supervision paper {which is due tomorrow and i've written less than 40 words} would be much easier if i didn't feel like puking. 

thank you, self, for getting sick all the time.

cambridge university library

if the designer of the UL's cataloging system was aiming to make it the most confusing system ever, then {s}he succeeded.

26 July 2010

i have an addiction

i think i ate all of the chocolate in cambridge today.

somebody really needs to stop me.

amo italia!

the internet in the whole town isn't really working right now, so again no pictures.

italy, in a word, was beautiful. my second adjective would be delicious.  third one would be hot. oh so bloody hot {guess that's one good thing about no boys coming along...we were pretty sweaty and gross the whole time. i mean, no. girls don't sweat.}.

our first day in italy started of right: with pizza followed by art!  the galleria borghese was great- there was this beautiful bernini sculpture that was totally captivating.  i love going to museums with friends and watching how they experience it.  hwanhi and katja were so cute- at one point i noticed that i had lost them, and when i made my way a few galleries back, they were just lying on one of the couches staring at the ceiling. so presh :)
i also got to see michelangelo's moses statue!! i was so excited, and like katja told me, "you're having a nerd moment, camille."
in case you were wondering, the colosseum metro stop literally spits you out at the colosseum.  it's bam right there when you walk out of the station.  this place was so cool!!!  i honestly didn't think it was going to be as awesome as it was.  there's a reason it's one of the world wonders.  just so incredible. go see it. it's a must.

our second day was certainly an adventure.  i got to see the sistine chapel!!!!  i was crazy excited for that!  you definitely need more than the hour we had for it, especially since you have to go through a freaking maze to get there.  a beautiful maze, but considering the time crunch, it was a bit frustrating.  totally worth it though once i got there {although i wish you didn't enter through the back of the chapel...}
our next stop was to st. peter's basilica, where katja and i were going to meet up with hwanhi up front...i say going to because we never actually found each other.  neither of them realized how huge it was there, and to me the front clearly meant this one place that it evidently didn't mean to hwanhi.  after an hour, katja and i ate gelato and then went back to our campsite to wait for her.  we ended up waiting 5 hours while she went to see the trevi fountain, spanish steps, and pantheon.  i'm bummed i didn't get to see any of those {and not get to fulfill my dream of eating gelato by the trevi fountain}, but i have to keep reminding myself: this won't be my last trip to italy.

we spent thursday afternoon in siena! love that place! my flatmate on the programme spent a semester there a few years ago, and made us a very useful list of things to do.  we ate at a delicious italian place {duh} owned by a french woman, saw the church {where an awesome accordianist was playing classical music}, shopped, ate these almond cookies, and just explored!

florence was incredible.  so much better than rome in my opinion.  i loved all the street performers: mimes, those frozen statue people, classical guitarists.  we did some shopping, of course.  the duomo was so incredible!  the interior of the building was refreshingly simple.  if i'd had a bigger budget, i totalllly would have paid to go up in brunelleschi's dome, because i think it is so fascinating! 
in honor of our friend geoff's birthady {and because we love gelato}, we ate gelato at what the guide book called the best gelato place in florence, and possibly all of italy.  i totally agree with that- it was so good!
i spent a few hours in the ufizzi gallery while hwanhi and katja explored florence.  it was great! i knew it would be when i walked in the first room and bam! there was a giotto {much much bigger than i was expecting}. the boticelli's were so incredibly beautiful.  i just loved it!
i didn't get to see the real david {again, i was on a budget...i hear it's life changing,though. again, not my last trip to italy}, but i did see both duplicates!
ponte vecchio was fun- we sat and listened to music and people watched for about an hour.
the best part was the walk back to the campsite. we walked up this random road of homes, and stopped and sat and admired the view of the countryside. it was breathtaking. it was the italy i've always imagined.  honestly, one of the most beautiful vistas ever. i never wanted to leave.

cinque terre:
i wish i'd had more time and energy, and a less heavy backpack, in cinque terre, because i think it would have been so cool to walk it {hwanhi and katja may be surprised to hear this as i was a bit cranky.  but again, i was tired and hungry}.  after lunch, we hung out on the beach!!! i swam in the mediterranean people!!!! and everyone is right- it is beautiful and warm and just perfect!! and i was able to get some sun, which has been greatly needed after living in england. we finished up our trip with gelato on the beach! perfection :)

after a series of delays, both the airplane and the bus, we made it back safe and sound at 3:30 in the morning saturday night.  

can't wait to go back!

25 July 2010

what i learned in italy

the internet is having difficulty here in king's. i wrote a nice long post about italy, but i'm going to Eat tomorrow and use their wifi and hope for better success.

in the meantime, here's what i learned while in italy:

i have a nice butt
i have gorilla arms
it's ok to wear dark underwear with sheer light-colored clothing
romans are short. florentines are not.
italians, unlike the english, believe in air conditioning
the best pasta is italian pasta
italians don't sweat
bugs like me as much in italy as they do at home
some women really don't shave their armpits, and it makes me want to vomit
england feels like home
i really missed everyone back at cambridge. like a lot.

little letter

dear hottie mchottersons,

could you guys please have less awesome personalities and not be so quite really ridiculously good looking? better yet, stay the way you are and notice/want me. either way, it would make my life so much easier.



ps- italy post is forthcoming!

18 July 2010

ciao italia!

guess who's going to ITALY this week!! i can't tell you how excited i am!! i've wanted to go since i was probably about 5 years old (2nd place on my list of places to travel to after france), and now i get to actually go!!

here's my schedule:
monday- fly out to roma
tuesday- roma
wednesday- leave roma and spend the afternoon in siena. arrive in florence
thursday- florence
friday- florence
saturday- cinque terre (helllooo beaches). fly back to england

i don't even speak italian, so this should be fun. well, that's semi-false. i do know how to say "take my picture?" which is all you really need to know anyhow.

ps- not skipping class...we have the week off!

and let's hope blogger loves me again once i get back and and lets me upload pictures.

17 July 2010

how about things stay like this forever.

my life is great.

{lamb} dinner.
{hazelnut} ice cream.
{french} chocolate.
{scottish} movie.

in england.
with the greatest people ever.

16 July 2010

camcam in the cam

the following is a true story.

i was supposed to go punting with friends, but all the punts were rented. aaron was waiting by the wall in the courtyard right next to the river to meet up with us, so i went and told him that we couldn't go.  as we were standing there chatting, my keys fell out of my hands. into the river. into the nasty river cam. understandably, i was distraught.  i kind of really need those keys like a lot. 

i didn't know what to do.  my first instinct was to tell the porters, but what would they do other than laugh at me? aaron kept telling me that the river is only 3 feet deep on this side, and after watching some punters go by and trying to evaluate how far into the water the poles were going, i decided that he was right.

i had no option but to go into the nasty river to recover my lost keys.  so i climbed down the ladder, hopped in and water-walked in the right direction.  luckily, aaron was above photographing the whole incident and was able to point me in the right direction.  once i got to my keys, i picked them up with my feet, slipped a little and got the ends of my hair wet, and then caught hold of the keys with my hands.  i then walked back to the ladder, and aaron helped to pull me up {hey, i don't have much upper body strength, ok?}

the story doesn't end there. while i was standing on the grass in my wet white tanktop {you are most welcome for the view, cambridge punters}, i realized that i had gone on said journey in the river whilst my phone was still in my pocket. so yeah that majorly sucks. hopefully it dries out by tomorrow so i can use it again. because no way am i buying a new one.

too bad blogger isn't uploading pictures, otherwise you could see visuals from the event.

14 July 2010

cambridge midterm fail

remember that time i thought my art, emotion, and morality midterm was tomorrow aka not today
that would be the same time that i planned to spend tonight studying aka not frantically for the 5 minutes before class actually started.

sooo goood.

13 July 2010

why thank you

today a british man {born and raised in london} told me several times that i have a really good british accent.
and no, he wasn't just hitting on me.

alien fireworks and mobiles

blah blah blah blogger won't upload pictures here's the post i wrote on saturday sans photos.

first off, the good stuff:
we byu kids had a little party friday night (which, for whatever reason, i kept calling "my party" when telling people time/place). it was super relaxed, but also a lot of fun.

we played games like scum and mafia. i was one of the detectives in mafia...i really shouldn't have been surprised when i opened my eyes and saw that the other two detectives were my good friend geoff and alex!  as per normal, i got killed the first round. and then so did alex. the mafia still lost though, even with just one detective!
[imagine photos here]
some sort of fair thing was going on, too, so we went to that and watched the fireworks! there was also a really weird guy chanting "the aliens are coming" while dressed up in a silver alien costume.
[imagine photos here]
everyone ended up different places, but for me, the night ended with watching some of pride and prejudice by the cam and a spontaneous punt down the river around 1am. it was a wild night- there were glo-sticks all over the college.
[imagine photos here]

and now for some sad news:
friday, i caved and bought a cell phone. i was planning on going all summer without one, and the past 3 weeks have been marvelous without it.  nothing beeping and ringing all the time (or not ringing or beeping when it should be). but then i was forced into it. at least i can take comfort in that i was one of the last people to get one. 
[imagine photos here]
“You have gone to bed at night bewildered by the complexity of your feelings.”
- Virginia Woolf, Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown

[see the image i would post if blogger weren't being stupid here]

12 July 2010

quick update

i'm starting to feel better- i actually ate a real dinner tonight, and i had one [very] short-lived burst of energy, too. 

i also have butterflies in my stomach, and i'm not exactly sure why.  hopefully this means good things are coming my way. i like good things.

in other news, i finally tore up a certain someone's card today. it was a long time coming, and it felt marvelous.

i apologize profusely for the lack of posting, but blogger is still being gay.

10 July 2010

little letter

dear blogger,
please stop giving me the "server rejected" sign when i try to upload pictures. it's really annoying. i have lots of great adventures to share, but can't because you are failing me. i suggest you work on that.


09 July 2010

nothing beats a spur of the moment midnight punt complete with lanterns and a professional punter.

ysa bbq & punting

last night we had a ysa bbq with the local members here. there's a kid here who goes to west point, and was able to get american food (root bear, doritos, etc) off of the military base to go along with our [properly seasoned] hamburgers...it was so good!
"all good things must come to an end"- bro. kerry gave geoff a razor and shaving cream.
hug attacks from boys in matching shirts.
running into my former french teacher from 3.5 years ago! (mlle conti, charlotte and hb!)

i also went punting for the first time! we let the boys do the actually punting...i'll try in the morning sometime aka when there aren't a zillion punts out running into each other.  it was weird to float by my room and see it as the tourists do.

08 July 2010

the next time you go punting, be sure to bring along someone who can sing in italian.

preferably a boy.
i mean man.

how to start recovering from a scottish cold

have a friend: 
give you a large handful of vitamin c pills and multi-vitamins 
make you buy orange juice
impose a bedtime of 10:30 on you (and be upset to see you at the library at 8am, because i should "still be asleep recovering")
send other friends your way with fruit
you start to feel a little healthier

07 July 2010

story of my life

"hey, those people are really cool and i wish i were them and that we could be friends. i know, i'll be a freak, and do and say dumb things. that's sure to work."

multiply by like a thousand when i'm sick.

you know you're annoying when you're annoying yourself.

06 July 2010

how to stay really healthy while living abroad

1. get soaking wet and never fully dry off or have warm clothes in a cold & windy country
2. ignore painfully sore throat for days
3. go to bed at midnight, wake up in the night at 3:30 {have trouble falling back asleep}, then wake up at 6:40 before your alarm at 7:10
4. skip meals if you don't have time for them thanks to seminar times/university library hours
5. stay at king's library until 1 am, leaving only because you know your mother would kill you if you stayed out any later in your condition even though your paper due the next day {that day} isn't close to done yet.
6. repeat from step deux.

05 July 2010

the one where i flashed a bunch of scots.

by accident.
that story will be included in the sunday section.

but first off, another 4-day long post!

most of the day was driving up to edinburgh, although we did take some "comfort stops" on the way.  one such stop was at richmond castle, a pretty alright set of ruins.  the weirdest part was being able to walk on the grass!  i was so excited when someone pointed out that we didn't need to all be hanging out on the sidewalk.

we stopped at the england-scotland border, and were greeted properly by a bagpiper!

we spent the night doing a little bit of exploring in the area around our "hotel."

saturday morning/day was a little bit sad...i overslept the bus for this super awesome hike that i was waaay pumped for. i was stuck wandering around the city by myself, which was fine and all, just a little lonely.

saturday night was AMAZING! in honor of the fourth of july, we had a celidh {pronounced kay-lee} aka awesome scottish dancing!!!!!!! oh man it was amazingly fun, even though i'm not very coordinated.  the best part may have been that several of the guys bought full kilts!!!! soooo coooool!!

it was also katja's brithday, so the boys did a scottish kilt dance for her!

sunday was the most epic day ever! so epic.

katja and i both missed the bus to church, so we shared a taxi.  we were so excited to go to church since we've both been travelling for the past few weeks, and besides, scottish mormons...what's not to love? 

there was a munch 'n mingle/missionary farewell afterwards with tons of delicious food. sarah, michele, hwanhi, alex, and i all stayed the longest and shared in the day's adventures with each other.

the five of us wanted to go to the rosslyn chapel {now made famous by the da vinci code}, and asked for bus directions from members.  while waiting for our first bus, it was nice and sunny. it started to rain once we were on board, and it kept getting progressively harder. we waited in a store front with lots of other people as a torrential downpower rained down. no joke. during said rain, our next bus came, so we had to run down the street to catch it. i've never experienced such heavy, thick rain. alex and michele made it to the sheltered bus stop before i did, so i started running to catch up. yeah, baaad idea in the shoes i was wearing. i slipped and fell right in front of a storefront brimming with people. i was still in church clothes, so my skirt went FLYING up to my neck, and everyone at the store just stared at me. their eyes were open wide as they took in the site of my underwear, and one man eventually asked if i was alright.  i wasn't too embarrassed until i hurriedly picked up my camera and joined alex and michele, only to have them tell me they saw the ENTIRE thing. keep in mind, i fell with my legs sprawled open to them, so they really saw the whole thing. i didn't mind that michele saw, but that my guyfriend saw was m o r t i f y i n g!

well we got on the bus, and made it the nearest stop to the chapel.  the rain stopped while we were riding, but started up again on our mile and a half walk to rosslyn chapel. we snuck in right after closing time {no way was i flashing a bunch of scottish people and scraping up my right arm to not get in} and ran into our friends who got there earlier.  they gave us the best looks of confusion, and all i could say was, "so!much!rain!" i don't  have any pictures of the church since my camera was drying out.

luckily that was the last of the awesome weather. on the bus ride back, we stopped for delicious italian food and italian hot chocolate.

we explored the city some more afterwards. alex was kind enough to lend me his sweater, which luckily matched my skirt perfectly.

the best thing we found was the elephant house, aka where j.k. rowling started writing harry potter!!!!!!! yeah, that was wicked exciting!

i'll keep this brief since this already the longest post ever.
jason and i jammed to glee in the morning on the bus back to cambridge.

fountains abbey is incredible. i don't have much else to say other than go. it's beautiful. i never wanted to leave. greg was right when he told us he didn't have any words for it.
also, try the elder flower ice cream.

01 July 2010

I didn't leave France too far behind

Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered a crepe stand in Cambridge!  I was thrown for a loop when the Maker of Deliciousness started speaking in English, but quickly recovered and ordered a marvelous lemon & sugar crepe.  Washed down a few minutes later with freshly-squeezed orange juice.

In other news, I finally bought a blow dryer today, so my hair will no longer look like it does above.

Little Letter

Dear King's College and Pembroke College Libraries,

I love you. You are beautiful and magical and have so much character.  Really, you're great.  Squeaky floors, stained glass, and all.
I would, however, like to make one request.  Is it so much to ask that your collections include the books that I need for my supervision so I can write my weekly papers?
Please consider my sanity, as well as my desire to succeed.