31 August 2010

now that i'm back in america

i'm trying really hard not to be one of those annoying people who only talks about their study abroad and brings it up in conversation whenever possible.

i think {know} i need to try harder.

29 August 2010

bug bites. all over my legs
how on earth?

warming my house, not feeding my fire

hours after i got into provo, we hosted a little housewarming party! great fun, delicious food, and i got to see lots of my cambridge friends!

note to self #1
never speak, because everything you say will be taken out of context.  for all of you out there reading this {and none of you are the people who were there when this happened, but i want to get this out there anyway} i do not have romantic interest in geoff. despite how what i said sounded. goodness gracious.

note to self #2
good job not making a fool of yourself in front of boy #1. with the exception of note to self #1 that is. now relax a bit and really be yourself, and if you're lucky he'll find you irresistible and you will be his girl #1.

let's talk about how exciting it was to see katie again. and how much i love my cambridge friends. and how my body has no idea what time it is. and how i have church at 9am.

27 August 2010

i have spent far too much time packing this summer.

going to provoooo in the morning.

26 August 2010

swimming in a pool feels weird when you've spent the summer swimming in rivers.  far too clean.


holland was great! my friend alex's family lives just outside of amsterdam, and they were kind enough to take a few of us in for a couple of days.  it was a perfectly relaxing weekend, which is just what the doctor ordered.

after a long night of traveling {we left part way through the dance after formal} on bus, plane, and train, we made it to alex's home.  we then proceeded to bike to the beach!! i haven't ridden a bike in a good 10 years....combine that with the 5 hours of sleep i'd gotten in 3 days and the fact that i'm clumsy, and you can imagine that it took me a bit to get into the swing of things.  but don't worry, i got it, and we all made it to the beach! it was so nice to just play frisbee in the water, nap in the sun, and watch the boys play soccer on the sand.

saturday we went into amsterdam! and yes, it does smell strongly of weed, but not everywhere. just at the cafes. we spent the day just walking around the city.  we saw this boat regatta or show or something going on, and that was so cool.  of course we took pictures with the i amsterdam sign.  we ate ice cream, explored side roads, sat by the river, and even found a buddhist temple!  quite the enjoyable day.

sunday was your typical church-fare.  on monday, alex and i explored the woods near the nicer part of town, and it was so beautiful! for anyone who knows pa, it kind of felt like ridley creek state park a bit.  we walked around the center of town, which is of course darling.  our explorations took us to the grocery store, and i can't get over that you pull your basket behind you!!  a trip to the candy shoppe meant that we had to buy the grossest-looking candies we could find, of course.  later that night, we invented a new delicious cookie: dutch rubbish! it's a secret recipe so i can't tell you what's in it, but if you're real nice to me, i will make you some sometime!

it's a good place to be from. way to go ancestors!

25 August 2010

final formal hall

i love formal halls. but this last one was especially great. a big shout out to my friend hannah from ucla for doing my makeup for me. an even bigger shout out to hoan {i'm guessing} for throwing a pregame party so that everyone was already really drunk at drinks before dinner. haha it was really entertaining.  the photography competition pictures were up on display, and one of mine got in! also, one of me got in! ok, it's just my feet, but it totally counts.

dinner was delicious of course. they handed out lots of awards. and lots of people were really drunk. some were even escorted out of the great hall.  some of us, though, weren't drunk. see below.

the night was a masquerade theme! this is my chance to brag {and when do i ever pass those up?}--the masquerade theme was totally my idea.  once upon a time a bunch of us were outside watching a fireworks show at king's, and i was talking with the pa alexander {who is the quintessential cambridge student, btw} about how much i love masquerades and that we should have one.  he was totally on board with the idea, and bam! final formal hall was a masquerade. go me. michele made an awesome mask, so i wore it and took pictures.

the dance afterwards was awesome too.  any event that plays justin bieber is a good event in my opinion.

london and all the little stuff i did in cambridge before the last formal

so i'm back in the good ol' u s of a.  i figure since it's a little after 5 am {6 by the time i post this} and i'm awake, i may as well catch up on the boatload of posts i have to do. ps i'm saving all the pictures for later posts, since i have that whole "super limited upload" thing going on.

i went on one last london trip with my friends michele and dan! i met up with my supervisor for our last supervision at the tate modern {ain't no thang}, after which michele, dan, & i had lots of fun adventures. we went to the national gallery {which i'd written about for my supervision} and played the "find the ugly people in the paintings and dibs them as your future lovers" game. stopped in trafalgar square for pictures with the lions. then michele took us to 27 palace court aka the byu london center aka where i sent so many postcards to katie last semester! since we were so close, we hung out in hyde park and ate ben's cookies {i also lost my phone here, but don't worry, i found it}.  and my life was completed when we took pictures at platform 9 3/4!!

my last day in cambridge was so great. i turned in my last few papers, and then was totally done with schoolwork! lunch was my last meal at king's that i could use my meal card on, and despite my efforts to pay for as many people as possible whenever possible, i still had 33 pounds left on my card by the end of the meal.  jonathan had the brilliant idea to just buy a bunch of stuff from the cafe.  i'd already literally bought out their chocolate supply {no joke}, so i bought tons of waters and feel good juice drinks.  the looks jonathan and i got as we carried them back to his place were classic!  obviously, i couldn't drink all of that stuff before i left a few hours later, so i donated it to the "thanks for being my friends, byu pkp-ers" fund.  i then walked around town and took a few last touristy pictures i'd been meaning to take.

don't worry, the fun doesn't stop there. next post!

19 August 2010

day the last

[on the docket]

finish a paper
resubmit a supervision
last bit of packing
getting ready with friends for:
post-formal party

i don't even need to get into how much i have loved my summer and how much i don't want it to end.  just let me reiterate how much of a sense of home i've had while i've been here. it's kind of unreal.
i love you, cambridge.

18 August 2010


whoever finishes this paper for me wins a free meal at king's!


17 August 2010

how to do lots of awesome things with your friends in england

here's everything i've been doing the past few days {the next few are going to be even crazier} phrased in a how to as titled:

go punting

eat ice cream late at night

attend a garden party that got transformed into an old library party

have a private organ recital

grow mustaches

attend henry v {and eat deliciousss chilli chocolate}

16 August 2010

new ancestry

last night our programme director's 6/7-year-old son informed me, "you must be korean. your skin is very smooth."
and he would know. he's a quarter korean.

15 August 2010

14 August 2010

Happy Birthday, Paige!!!

Today is my beautiful baby sister's SWEET 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Video call snapshot 28

I have no idea when she got old enough to be 16.  I remember when we lived in Jersey, Paige had to have been 4, which would have made me 10, and Sam {then 8ish} and I were talking about our little sister, and I said, "I can totally imagine what Paige will be like when she's 16!"  And now she is, and I have to say, my vision was a little off.  But the reality is a million times better.


miss you and wish i could be there with you

how to celebrate the end of finals

i still have some coursework to do, but today has been mostly a day of celebration in honor of surviving finals! until now that is, seeing as how i'm writing this in a library.

the following is a "how to" of the proper way to prepare for finals and then to spend the morning/afternoon after.

wake up 3 hours late {shouldn't that 9 be upside down? i know i set my alarm for the 6 o'clock hour...}

have geoff read his short story to you. force him to read it aloud purely because he doesn't want to. and because you know he'll giggle the whole way through.

go shopping and take a few tourist pictures beforehand.

do a happy dance when you realize you're done with snape's class.  a snape who is actually evil.

go with the boys as they get european haircuts

thug it up in the rain.

13 August 2010

it's ok if you judged me, because i know i sure did.

err, i just noticed that i spelled "european" as "euorpean" on my blog header by accident. 
it was a typo, i swear.

man, i feel sooo smart right now.
but in my defense, i did make that header during finals week. at cambridge. 

final exam win

well, today were my final exams.  don't worry, i remembered and studied for them.  although i was a little concerned when i saw that they were scheduled for Friday the 13th.  

but hey, i think i did ok. nothing brilliant, but definitely an improvement. not that that's hard after last time's performance...

just one last supervision and one last final paper to go!

and in other news, today marked the commencement of another kind of finals week...this is my last friday here :( still totally in denial.

12 August 2010

king's food for free

i was sitting the library today, and got a little peckish.   hungry for a little bit of chocolate and fruit, i headed over to the cafe to grab some of both.  working behind the counter was my favorite cafeteria worker, so i requested a pear and an orange milk chocolate divine bar.  he brought the fruit bowl over so i could select the piece i wanted and grabbed the chocolate.  i swiped my card and payed. once the transaction was complete, cafe-man looked at me, smiled, and said, "take another pear, darling." so i did. 

also, when i get sides at dinner {vegetables, etc}, the various cafeteria men will give me a ton, look at me with flirty eyes, and then say, "would you like some more?" in a suggestive tone.  um yes, i would like some more. but of the broccoli, not of you.

H-anna-H Art and Photography Show

i know where i'll be september 17-18, do you?

remember my awesome painter friend? the one who is crazy good at art and life in general?
well she and and her equally talented photographer friend/cousin-in-law are having an art show, and most everything will be for sale.
if you like beautiful things that are close to where you live {the event will be in slc}, then i know you'll be there too.

2046 Laird Dr. Salt Lake City, UT

11 August 2010

just what i needed

formal hall tonight was just what i needed.

i'm so glad i have the coolest/funniest/greatest friends in the world. they remind me why i love life.


cambridge oddities

my bedder cleans my room on wednesdays.  which means every wednesday will be a surprise as to how my furniture is arranged when i get back from class.  sometimes my fridge is on top of my dresser. sometimes my desk will be scootched over 5 feet. i usually end up a little confused, and doing a little rearranging of my own.

my art, emotion, & morality professor is from australia. he pronounces urine "ur-eyen" instead of "ur-inn".  so weird. there are some non-native english speakers in my class {spain, portugal, france, india, etc}, and the first few times he said "ur-eyen" they looked so confused. it was darling.


i have this friend named may.
she has an incredible gift for writing, which she shares on her blog.
she's the real deal: articulate, intelligent, and humorous.
i'm incredibly flattered to be the subject of this post

10 August 2010

notes to self

1. trying to seem cool is way less cool than actually being cool.

2. stop getting your hopes up, because they only ever get crushed.

3. be both better and worse at hiding your feelings. 

4. someone else being awesome doesn't make you any less awesome yourself.

la cuisine d'art

maybe if i close my eyes real tight and imagine real hard, i can pretend i'm actually eating food like this this summer...

09 August 2010

for katja

i'm goin' a-crazy.
really, some things should be illegal.

[insert any greek statue here]

the makings of the perfect homework playlist

amos lee
mates of state
norah jones


english food

maybe i wouldn't feel so sick all of the time if the food at king's sucked a little less.

08 August 2010

another mormon post

tonight we had a special fireside/devotional held at king's.  
our bishop, bishop johnson, and his father, elder johnson of the {2nd?} quorum of the 70 spoke tonight.
it was amazing.
the Spirit was so strong. so powerful.
the Church is true people, no doubt about it. 
i love this Gospel.


one of the things i've had to get used to this summer are the paparazzi.


people see me leaving my stairwell, and take pictures of me from the bridge or the public side of the gate across the courtyard. or punters will go by, and see me in my window and want to get a photograph of a cambridge student.

it's ridiculous/awesome/tiresome/i feel like a celebrity.

imagine the tourists' delight when they saw 6 of us sitting on the benches in bodley's right by the river.  it was incredible- they would pull out their cameras and go crazy taking pictures of us. no joke.  after about the 10th punt that did this, aaron got a little fed up and declared, "that's it! the next person to take a picture of us gets their picture taken!"  so he did just that...he pulled out his camera and would photograph every person who took a picture of us trying to enjoy a sunny afternoon by the river. it was pretty epic.

07 August 2010

cambridge wear

today i bought the first pair of sweatpants i've ever owned.

yes i am 22 years old.

for katie: london

i tried to make this the name of a new photo album on facebook, but facebook has decided to hate me, too, and not let me upload pictures.

i have found something of a loophole so i can get pictures on blogger, but it will be very limited. so no more picture explosions :( i also noticed in going back and rereading this post that i kind of sound like katie in parts...

ooookay, so this time last week was london! let me describe london in a few words, just like i did with italy: amazing, fun, adventurous, happy.

we could choose to either get off the bus at the british museum or at the houses of parliament. it wasn't even really a choice for me...of course i picked the art! awesome things i got to see include: the rosetta stone and the elgin marbles!! i was extra excited because when i was in france with my dad, i distinctly remember thinking, "i wonder where the rosetta stone is. i'd like to see that." and then i did!

next up after the musee was a trip to borough market! we {we being alishia, jeff, michele, and i}had fun exploring and eating delicious food samples. it's like costco, where you can get full off of just the samples, but the food is a million times better at the market.

then we saw stomp, which was of course awesome.  afterwards, i was thinking to myself that i could totally do that. i then tried and failed miserably, so yes, it is a lot harder than it looks.  also, know that if you sit in the front row, you will get wet.

after a trip for the boys {jason and jonathan were at the show, too} to buy some newsies hats, our original group went to ben's cookies and got a large box o' 15 cookies to eat! too bad those pictures aren't up yet, because there are some classy ones of me eating crumbly cookies.  so so good.  we then just walked around and shopped a bit, and then sat on the stairs in front of st. paul's eating more cookies.  that moment reminded me of when i was sitting on the opera steps with my dad in paris.

then we saw henry VIII in the globe theatre {so cool!}. it was really good, i just had a hard time focusing since we were standing room only and i kept daydreaming to take my mind off of the fact that my feet hurt.  next time, definitely getting some real seats.  but it was really fantastic! i mean, the shakespeare plays here in cambridge are good, but this blew them out of the water.

basically, i can't wait to go back.  i'm going in 2 weeks with my supervisor, and i'm going to have a day devoted to art!!! {hopefully i can convince others from pkp to come along so we can get reduced rate train tickets...}

06 August 2010


my pa friends will appreciate this:

last night i had a dream that i was teaching people how to properly pronounce schuylkill river.

it's {/ˈskuːkəl/ SKOO-kəl}, in case you were wondering.

05 August 2010

here's to mrs. #1's grandest adven yet

it's officially the 6th on this side of the pond, which means that today is stephanie and aaron's wedding day!!!!
i am SO excited for them!!!! honestly, they are perfect for each other. and if i know stephanie {pretty sure i do}, the whole day is going to be blow-your-mind beautiful, and she will have done it herself.
all the happiness in the world to you two! i wish desperately that i could be there with you...you'll just have to dance extra crazy for me!


i can't study for too long at a time.
so i give myself frequent breaks and find new photography i like.

life is so good

i love my life.
it is just so good.
the end.

{aka my fave}

who needs an alarm clock when you have the king's cows mooing every morning to wake you up?

03 August 2010

one thing i miss about provo

there's actually something i've missed about living in an american college town:
stores are open 24/7
which means that when at 12:30 am i want a coke, i can go buy a coke.
not in cambridge.
everything closes at 6:00. pm.

it must be the end of the term

my nails break when i get stressed.
can you say supervision/final papers/final exams?

02 August 2010

for my 500th post, blogger will now let me post a picture

seriously! i don't know how this happened, but i'm loving it! granted, i just used a url, and didn't upload any of my actual photos, but hey, i'll take what i can get! 
One of Many Replacement Parts for $he produced by Rod Hamilton from a Photograph of the Original Artwork